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(Amara POV) "We are the Azurian Guardians and we are here to investigate regarding a crucial mission" I was behind Uncle Nathaniel and his family. My eyes immediately roamed over to the one who spoke. Light brown hair, alluring amethyst eyes, a powerful drawing aura- at first glance I felt my heart skip a beat. Our souls bonded. The things around me fade away and my focus was only on him. It was no doubt that he was my mate. He was hot. He was my type and I am actually content with having him as my mate. He was also staring back at me. His eyes momentarily held shock but it was immediately covered by a void expression. "What's your name?" I smiled and asked him. "Soren" he replied nonchalantly. "I know your code name is Soren but I meant your real name" I could hear everyone gasp as if I did something very wrong. The man only raised his eyebrow. "I do not expose my real name to random people" His voice held boredom making me a glare. "Exc-" I was going to counter him but Uncle Nate interfered. "Amara," he said before looking at the Azurians. "I am sorry for her behavior." He said as a red haired man came forth. "It's ok Lord Nathaniel. Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Zamil, the 1st lead. This is Eir, the healer. Tyr, the controller, Neith, the huntress, and Soren, the defender" he said introducing each one along with the title they earned.  "It is an honor to meet the Azurians in person. I am Lord Nathaniel, Queen Naomi's brother. This is my love, Kate and my son Ciel" he introduced his family before he gestured me to walk forward. "And this is Amara Morrigan Quarters, the next chosen queen of our Dominion," he said as they all stared at me. They looked surprised and shocked on hearing the news. I only raised one of my eyebrows daring them to judge me. "So undisciplined" Soren immediately commented making me let out a growl. "What did you say?" I glared as he looked at me with a smirk. "Facts Princess Amara, I only state facts" he countered making me glare at the asshole in front of me. I take it back. I don’t f*****g want this airhead.      
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