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Hello Beautiful Readers!  This is the 2nd part of the Mate series aka The mate series part two! Now for new readers, I will tell you there is a book series prior to this. The book is about the parents of the female protagonist in the book. The Hybrid Queen's Warrior revolves around the characters and life in book 1 of the Mate 1 series aka "Alpha's Magical Mate" - you can find the book in my profile.  But it won't be absolutely necessary for you to read the previous series. But let me break up the necessary. In Book 1: Noami Lightstorm is the queen of the Sorcerer's realm- "The Dominion of Amarz" who was banished to earth as a punishment. There she meets the werewolf king who is surprisingly her mate (Amor is the name of mates in sorcerer's realm). The werewolves believed the sorcerers are extinct beings and vice versa. Lots of drama happens and in the end, they unite both sorcerer's world and earth.  This is the sum up of the first book aka "Alpha's Magical mate" The blurb of the book:- In a world of mystical creatures, Moon Princess Naomi lived her whole life trying to please others. She always pushed herself beyond the limit just so she could be the ideal queen her parents and people wanted. One unexpected turn of events and Naomi was banished from her own land and f****d to live a life among the human. With the threat to be killed on sight, she tries her best to blend and go unrecognized. But she never thought her life of hiding and seeking will change when she stumbled upon the most alluring guy her eyes ever lay on. Handsome Billionaire Alpha, Railey Quarter has always been in search of his mate. His pack was going restless without a Luna and so was he. But now that he found her, he will never let her go. Railey knew Naomi was a quiet human girl who traps herself in a visible shell. He was determined to break the barrier and bring her out. But breaking her shell means discovering her deepest darkest secrets. What will happen when he finds out that his mate is not a human but a mythical creature thought to be extinct hundreds of years ago? What will happen when the people who want to kill her find her? Will he be able to protect his princess? ************* Feels free to read the book if you haven't and if you didn't, no pressure! Now this book will focus on their daughter, the beautiful daring and troublemaker princess, Amara, and her amor (mate)!   Happy Reading!!!
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