Chapter 1

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(Amara POV) When I saw how much in love my mom and dad were, I was excited. I wanted to have a mate too. I wanted to be in love just like that. I want to share my life with the one person I am destined to be with. My mate. My Amor. My one true love and another half. Pfft. Who am I kidding? That felt cringe like hell. It's not like I don't want my mate but I am not desperate. Mom always says that my mate will be perfect for me but I don't believe that. Sure. Let the moon goddess pair me up with a guy but deciding whether I want to live the rest of my life with him is my option. If that guy is not the one person who makes me look forward to tomorrow then I am going to pack my bag and leave. My brother, Luan and I, are unique. It's not because we are hybrid twins but because of the fact that our powers are different. When twins are born, they have the same powers or element gems. They share their powers making them strong together. "Twins born with different powers are cursed ones" a so called prediction elder of the sorcerer's realm had said on her visit. 'They will not get along. The gems won't allow them' That old lady is a c***k head. I mean we have lived with each other for 18 years and we are doing fine. Sure we fight a lot but hey, we are alive. We may not show but we care about each other. "Urgh for heaven's sake sit down, you retard." I growled annoyed while watching my brother make a hole in the carpet. "Shut up" he glared but still came and sat next to me. I knew why he was nervous. In less than 3 hours we turn 18. The dreading 18th birthday. A lot of things will change for us. "Are you sad that I am leaving?" I asked giving him an over exaggerated fake pout. "To hell I am. I am just nervous to meet my mate. What if it is someone I know?" he said but I rolled my eyes. "Or she could be dead," I said as he gave a threatening growl. "f**k you," he said "Sorry, I don't do i****t" I countered "b***h" "Asshole" "Brat" "Crap head" "Ugly twin" "b***h, have you looked at the mirror?" I smirked "Urgh. I give up. No one can ever tolerate your behavior" he growled standing up. "Why thank you for your lovely compliment" I gave a wide smile. "Just hurry up and come. They are waiting" he murmured before walking out of the room. ********* "Happy birthday!" mom smiled as I walked down the stairs. "Thank you mom" I smiled as she gave me a hug. "Look at that, my princess looks beautiful and all grown up" Dad walked into the room as he hugged and kissed me on my forehead. "Thanks, dad" I smiled as he ruffled my hair. Walking into my pack's backyard, I was greeted and wished by many people. I was given many gifts as I walked up the stage and sat next to my brother. "I am so happy to announce that both my most lovable and troublesome twins are going to turn 18" dad announced as he smiled wide and put his hands around our shoulder. "They have grown so well and made me so proud. I am sure you are all aware of the success they have. While my son Luan will be taking my place as the next Alpha my daughter Amara will be the next queen of Amarz." Silence followed as everyone turned their attention to me. "I know you all are sad, I am too. My daughter will have to leave us and go to other worlds. The celebration went by too fast for my liking. The time raced through everything. They all sang and we cut the cake. I tried to talk to each and every person that was special to me. My friends all hug me with tears. "Do you have to go?" Mia, my best friend asked as I hugged her tight. "I am sorry but I have to" I replied. I have told my human friends I am going to migrate to another country and live with my uncle. It pains me to live in this place but I have no choice. It is my written fate. I am to rule the sorcerer's domain of Amarz. I was so engrossed in spending the little time left with the ones I will miss that I forgot about time. "No mate?" Luan, my brother asked as he walked up to me. I shook my head and shrugged. "No. And you?" "Nop" "Guess we are waiting" a silence filled between us. People who knew us will be surprised. We will never shut up and always try to degrade the other. But right now, we sent to know what to say. It was so painful. I will miss fighting with my brother. "Amara, Luan." A voice came as I turned around. A wide smile formed on my face. "Ciel!!" I shouted as he grinned. "Hey, princess," he said as he hugged me. Ceil was our cousin, i.e. the son of my Mother's brother, Nathaniel. He is going to be my right hand protector so he was sent here every vacation to create a bond with me. But unlike those, today's purpose was different. I turned to Luan who was still awfully quiet. He just stared at Ciel. I could hear his heart beating fast. "King Railey and Queen Naomi are calling you," he said as I nodded and bumped my shoulder to Luan. "Come on" I whispered before all three of us made way to the office. The celebration was already coming to an end. My school friends who were human left an hour ago and now it was only the pack members partying around. Once I entered the office I was met with silence. My eyes went to Uncle Nathaniel and Aunt Katie along with a few others I do not recognised. On seeing us walk in, the ones I don't know stood up and bowed with a huge smile. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Prince Luan and Majesty Amara," one of them said as I flinched. Majesty Amara..... From now on I am titled as their future queen. I was brought up with my fate already sealed to rule the sorcerers. But separation from my family is something I can't even imagine. "Hello" I replied giving a small smile. Luan only gave a small nod. Another set of silence filled the room. I could hear my heart beating faster. I gulp looking down. To be honest I don't want to go. But I have to make my parents proud. I looked at the elder who sat in the corner. They looked so happy. All these past years they were ruled by a secondary power. Their queen is always absent and Uncle Nathaniel was the one who controls the kingdom. Of course, they loved him but having the chosen queen rule them directly is something different. And now that I am born with the mark they are expecting at least I would be with them, rule, and take care of them. I sighed. "Can I know at what time we are going?" I finally voiced. "Oh yes. Early morning 5, your majesty" the eldest elder said with excitement making my stomach churn. "Ok. Then I will be in the room" I said before turning around and walking to my room. The tears that were threatening to fall now rapidly fell down my cheek. I wish I didn't have to go.
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