Chapter Five

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After what felt like years I finally landed on the cement floor, my whole body aching. I weakly looked up the stairs to see my dad walking down them, towards me. I rolled on my stomach and tried to get up. Just as I got onto my hands and knees I felt him start kicking me in the side, causing me to fall back down and have blood drip from my mouth. Each time he kicked me I felt my throat burn as blood came out of my mouth. He was about to kick me again but I held my arms out, trying a weak attempt to block him. I heard him scoff, he then moved from his spot and grabbed the hood of my sweatshirt. My eyes widened as he yanked me up into a sitting position and punched me in the eye, hard. I felt my eye get hot as it started to swell. He grabbed my band aid and ripped it off my forehead, the scab coming off from the force. More blood oozed out of it, the blood going over my swollen shut eye. I mouthed 'stop' but he didn't listen, instead he took out a pocket knife and shoved me to the ground. I looked at the knife then at my dad, he smiled evilly. "Sweet dreams honey." After that everything went dark. **** Hours later I woke up, feeling my whole body ache with excruciating pain. What did he do to me in my sleep? I opened my eyes, well eye, and shot up into a sitting position which was a horrid idea because my body wasn't to satisfied with the sudden movement. I stayed still until the pain became more tolerable, looking at my arms I have seen nothing but the failure of my suicide. I rolled the sleeves back over my arms and then I rolled up my pant legs, looking at my calves and thighs. Nothing. I then rolled my shirt and sweatshirt up, looking at my stomach. My hands dropped the shirt and sweatshirt as I buried my face into them, crying silently. I can't believe he'd forever scar me with such hideous words, now nobody will love me. I heard the basement door open and footsteps make their way down here but I didn't care, he can't do anything more horrific than what he put on me. "Good morning, or should I say goodnight?" He chuckled at his lame joke. I didn't answer, I just hugged myself, wanting him to die. That's all I'm asking for, is that to much to ask for or something? "Come with me Alexis, I need to take you outside as soon as possible." That's the first time he's ever used my actual name. He usually calls me sweetie, honey, or sweetheart. I grabbed the pole and lifted myself up, turning to him. He watched my every move, making sure I don't try any slick moves. I shakily walked over to him, ignoring the pain my body has. He grabbed my forearm, squeezing it tightly, and we both went up the stairs and to the backyard. He let my hand go and I tumbled over, not having good balance. "Now we wait." Wait for what? Are we waiting for some jaguar or bear to come out and eat me? He is f*****g nuts! I need to- My train of thought was interrupted when I felt a jolt of pain shoot through my spine. I fell to the ground, wishing to be put out of my misery. Next I felt my arms and legs throb as did my head. I wanted to holler for help but I couldn't, I had to go through intense pain without someone to ease it. Seconds later, the pain stopped. It was as if it never happened. "What the hell? That's disgusting, you're a disgrace!" My dad yelled, taking out a shock collar. I looked at him and my vision was way better than before, I felt shorter but more powerful. I watched as he came toward me with the collar so I stood up and ran, my speed 10 times faster than before. I zipped by trees, ignoring my fathers shouts for me to come back. I won't ever go back if I have more speed, strength, and vision. I stopped by a stream, feeling thirsty. I walked over to the water and looked down at it, jumping back at the reflection. There was a wolf in the reflection. I turned around but I spotted nothing, that's when I realized I was the wolf in the reflection, I was that gorgeous wolf. I wasn't a regular wolf though, I was something special. I didn't have regular fur like other wolves, I didn't have brown, grey, black, or tan. No no no, I had something much more rare. My color was the rarest color there was, I honestly was the first wolf I've seen with this color. I was a midnight blue wolf with piercing white eyes.
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