His Abused Mate


I shook my head frantically, keeping my head down. He walked towards me and tried to change my mind. “Oh come on, you can't be that bad looking.”

He reached his hand out toward my hood and I jumped away, falling to the ground while shaking with fear.

“Alexis? Oh my god, Alexis I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.”

I felt like sobbing, screaming even, but I knew nothing was gonna come out. I waited until I calmed down a little before I stood up and dusted myself off.

“I'm sorry Alexis.” Was the last thing I heard before my hood was pulled off my head, revealing my face.


Alexis Cradle, she's mute and abused. She's been abused for 8 years but she doesn't know why. One day she goes to school and faces the new kids, the super hot new kids. She was shocked to find them trying to talk and hang out with her but she tried to avoid them because she knew her father would kill her if he found out...

Hunter Nile, he's the future Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. His father isn't giving Hunter the position until he turns 18, he ends up spending his last year of having no responsibilities at school where he finds his mate, Alexis. He tries to talk to her but she strays away from him every time, he doesn't know why she's like this but he promises himself to figure her out...


What will happen when Alexis' father finds out she's been hanging with three guys? Will Hunter save her before it's too late? Read to find out.

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Chapter One
"Cry! You worthless b***h!" He screamed, slashing me on the back with the whip. I stayed silent, feeling my back go numb from the hits. He dropped the whip after realizing it wasn't working and grabbed my hair, yanking me up. I felt tears slide down my cheeks as he gripped my hair tightly, shaking my head around which is giving me a headache. "You better go get washed and get some rest, you don't want anyone at school to know because if anyone finds out, or even gets suspicious, we're moving! Got it sweetie?" My dad asked sickly sweet. My only response was to spit in his eyes. He hollered out and wiped his eyes, giving me a look that could kill. "You f*****g bitch." He said, back handing me. "Go get washed up! Now!" With that he dropped me and walked away, leaving the basement and probably going to get some beer. I laid on the ground feeling my forehead throb with pain as blood gushed out of it. Why me? Why can't I have a normal life? I slowly stood while using the wall to keep me up, I walked over to the stairs and went up them. I reached the top and opened the door, stepping out of the basement, I shut the door and tip toed to the bathroom. I walked in the bathroom and locked the door. I took my clothes off and got in the shower then turned the water on, not daring to look at my hideous body. It's like god took all of everyone's flaws and gave them to me. I'm so not ready for the weekend to be over but then again, I'm glad to be getting away from my dad for 8 hours. I grabbed the soap and washed my hair, body, and my face. I didn't wash my back, I only let the water rinse it. I rinsed the soap and turned the water off, getting out and drying myself. I wrapped the towel around me and unlocked the bathroom door, running to my room and locking the door also. Relieved I made it out alive, I went to my half broken dresser and grabbed a t-shirt, underwear, and some shorts. I let the towel drop to the floor and put my clothes on, see I usually don't wear my bra to bed because it's bad for your breast. At least I care about my body I just can't do anything to take care of it except for the small things like this. I stood in front of my mirror that has a crack going down the middle and grimaced, hating my looks. I have silver eyes that look bland and dead, I hate them. I have scars and bruises all along my face, I hate them. My lips are always chapped because I have no chapstick, I hate it. I have long wavy blue hair that's extremely knotted, I hate it. I don't have a brush either. I mean who on this planet has natural blue hair? Nobody, I'm an outcast... I hate having blue hair because I'm always bullied for it. The only good thing about me are my teeth, they're perfectly straight and white. The worst part is that there are new kids coming in tomorrow and now I'm gonna have more bullies unless the new kids are abused too, even the nerds are more popular than me. I'm like the schools ghost... I don't talk, I don't have any friends, and I'm always being harassed by the popular, sometimes even the dorks. Reaching for the band aids I keep on my dresser, I took one of the bigger ones and put it on the big gash on my forehead. Luckily I have makeup to cover the bruises and scars, the foundation is the same color as the band aids so you can't tell I have a band aid on. Now it's time for me to get only 4 hours of sleep and get ready for school. I walked over to my mattress and plopped down on it, falling into a dreamless sleep. **** BEEP BEEP BEEP B- I turned the alarm off and hopped up, going to my dresser, I grabbed my baggy shirt, bra, and my baggy jeans. I threw the clothes on and was satisfied with it, I'm not the type to show off my curse of a body unlike some people who wear so tight clothes that it's like another skin. They might as well be naked. Not that I wanna see that but still. I threw on my sneakers and sweatshirt, pulling the hood over my face, and some foundation then I was off to hell- I mean school.

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