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(Zephyr POV) Everything around me was getting blurred. I could feel the piercing pain in my shoulder. "Your hit!" "Oh my god! The arrow contains poison!" "Cover general! We are still under attack" I could hear my teammates shout around me. My eyes went to an unfamiliar broad back. He held a crooked sword that had the mark of Devine East kingdom. He didn't leave my sight as he fought off the enemies that were trying to kill me. By now, my mind was completely shutting down, but I tried my best to stay awake. I needed to see that face once again! I needed to find out if I was hallucinating. I only saw his face for a second, but I recognized him right away. The same sparks! The same feeling! It has to be him, right?! It has to be my mate! But why... Why is he here? I felt a cool soothing hand rest on my forehead. "She is getting hotter! The poison seems to be spreading." a man's voice rang in my ear. My whole body shivered in delight. "We need to take her back to the clove! Mister, please hand her over." Silence followed after but I didn't feel myself being handed over. Instead, I felt the same hands lift me into his arms. "It's alright. I will bring her. She got injured while saving me." My team seemed to reject the idea, but the man was adamant. "I am the king of East, and I suggest you follow my order." Another wave of silence followed on hearing the title. My heart felt like it jumped out of my chest. King of the east... I had heard my Andreas had accepted the throne, so is this him? Is he my mate? I wanted to open my eyes! I wanted to see him once more! Just to make sure, but I couldn’t. My body is not listening to me. My will to open my eyes put a strain on my body. The poison didn't seem to be helping as I groaned in pain. "The poison is spreading fast! We need to move! Come on!!" The voices now sounded far away. Ahh... I think I am going to lose it. "An-drews." I muttered his name before I lost myself to darkness.
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