Chapter 2

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“Thanks for making dinner, Ivy.” Derek said as I sat steak and veggies down on the counter, “This is why I love having you around.” I laughed and climbed up on the chair across from him. I loved cooking. It was one thing that made me feel relaxed. Which is why I think my house fire was my fault. I think I may have left my stove or oven on when I left that day. Derek and I were enjoying our meal when there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other confused because our stylists weren’t due for another 45 minutes. Derek walked over to the door and when I heard Lacey’s voice I knew we were busted. “Lacey what are you doing here?” Derek asked. I jumped out of the chair and ran into the pantry. “I just came to hang out for a bit.” She said as their voices got closer. “The premiere is in two hours, shouldn’t you be getting ready?” He asked. I peaked through the crack of the pantry door and saw them walk into the kitchen. Almost instantly I saw Lacey’s face fill with anger. I shut my eyes realizing I forgot to take my plate with me. “Who’s here with you Derek?” Lacey asked. “Uhm, I... uh.” Derek stuttered. Shit. “Where’s the w***e at Derek?” She asked, “Where are you you little w***e?!” She started yelling derogatory terms screaming for the “girl” to come out. I could see her hands balled up into fists. She headed toward the pantry door but Derek grabbed her by the arm. “Lacey, even if someone were here that’s none of your business. We’re not together.” He said, “I think you should just leave. You have to started getting ready.” “This isn’t over you w***e! Derek is mine.” She yelled. I hated that she acted like this. She was treating Derek like some toy. He was a human. And he’s already made it clear there was no romance between them. The pantry door opening up brought me out of trance. “The pantry?” Derek laughed. “What?” I laughed pushing past him, “I wanted to be prepared if she decided to jump your bones right there on the kitchen counter. Plus, I think the marshmallows would make excellent ear plugs.” “She’s not the one I would take on the kitchen counter.” He mumbled. I pretended like I didn’t hear him and went back to eating my dinner. After we ate I did the dishes and our stylists finally showed up. They headed upstairs to the bathroom we always got ready in to set their things out. “Ivy! Get up here so I can get my hands in those beautiful brown locks!” Mandy, my hairstylist, yelled. “The queen awaits.” I laughed at Derek. He laughed and followed me upstairs. As soon as I was in the chair Mandy went straight into curling my hair and putting it straight into big curlers. As Mandy did my hair, Samantha, my makeup artist, did my makeup. She ensured I had dramatic makeup for awards shows and galas, but for movie premiere, charity events, and other causal events she made sure my makeup was natural. That’s one thing I loved about Samantha and Mandy. They knew when to tone it down and when to dial it up. When my makeup was done and my hair was all wound up into curlers I knew it was time to go find Daniel, our wardrobe specialist. As I was looking at my reflection in the mirror I saw Derek walk back into the bathroom. He was wearing white slacks with a black belt and a navy blue button down top with the first few buttons undone and black dress shoes. He looked yummy. His hair was slicked back perfectly like usual and, oh my god Ivy snap out of it. I walked into my bedroom where Daniel was laying out a few options. “Honey, when are you going to tell that man that you are in love with him?” He asked looking at me. Daniel was your typical gay best friend. He was flamboyant, had an amazing sense of humor, knew all the right things to say, he was blunt, and his sense of style was out of this world. He was the only person that could see through me. He knew I had feelings for Derek even before I knew I had real feelings. “I’m not in love with him.” I lied. “Oh honey. Do not lie to me. I see the way you look at him.” He winked, “Go try this on.” He said handing me a long sleeved navy blue dress with a white design around the neck line. Daniel and the other wardrobe specialist had connections with tons of designers. As long as we wore their designs to events they’d get free advertising and we’d get a magnitude of coordinated outfits and other clothing articles for each of the four of us to wear. The only time we didn’t coordinate our outfits was for awards shows and galas. I slid on the dress and looked in the mirror. This was one of my favorite casual dresses. It flared at the sleeves and came to the middle of my thighs. It was loose fitting which made it much more comfier. “I’m not lying to you, Daniel.” I said walking out of the bathroom attached to my bedroom and standing on a stool in front of him, “Besides, Lacey already sunk her teeth into him.” “Oh that girl is pure evil.” Daniel said pulling at the dress on my curvy body, “You know she’s on her third wardrobe specialist this month. She keeps firing them because they don’t choose outfits that look better than yours. She’s very threatened by you.” “Wait, what? She’s supposed to be my best friend.” I said looking at him through the mirror. “She’s made it perfectly clear that she is threatened by you. Only because she knows that you can take Derek from her.” Daniel continued. “Yes, I have feelings for Derek. But he’s my band mate. My best friend. I don’t want to ruin that relationship I have with him because then I’ll never forgive myself.” “I think he has feelings for you, too.” He winked, “There. All done. You look so much better than Lacey as usual. I’ve made it my personal goal for you to always look better than her.” I laughed and stepped down. Daniel handed me a pair of white straps high heel sandals and I slid them on. “Ivy are you ready to go?” Derek said walking in my room, “Wow. You look amazing.” “Thank you you look handsome too yourself Mr. Greene. And yes I’m ready to go.” I smiled. We walked down to the garage and Ronald was already down there ready to go. I looked out the window of the garage and saw lightening. But I knew it wasn’t lightening. It was the paparazzi trying to get a glimpse of Derek. It was the same thing at my house when I was there, it’s the same thing at Steven’s house, and it’s the same thing at Lacey’s house. All they wanted was a glimpse of any of us doing anything. “You know, the one thing I hate the most is never really escaping these people.” I whispered looking at Derek, “But I’m doing what I love. I can support myself.” “Ivy, have you seen your parents since we started the band?” Derek asked.
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