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"It's nothing really. I fell down some stairs the other day." I tried to come up with a excuse but I don't think that they believed me. But they thankfully let the subject drop. We finished getting dressed and made our way to the gym. When we stepped out of the locker room I groaned with despair. We were playing volley ball and I knew that I was dead. Ava and Hazel ended up being on my team and Scarlett was on the opposite team and of course right across from me on the court. Scarlett looked at me with evil shining in her eyes yep definitely dead. The game was going the way it was supposed to but of course nothing ever goes the way I would like them to. Scarlett ended up spiking the ball so that it hit me in the face causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground. "Awe poor poor wolfless girl did that hurt your little human feelings. Now nobody is really gonna want you with a face like that." she walked away laughing. I stayed on the ground trying to hold back the tears that wanted to break through my defenses. I felt somebody's light touch on my arm and looking up I saw that Teddy was the one who was helping me. I allowed him to pull me to my feet and when I looked at him to say thank you I noticed that he was glaring at Scarlett with absolute hate shining in his eyes. Looking at his sisters I noticed that they also had hate shining in their eyes. The gym teacher called the game back to play and Hazel got this evil smirk on her face and when she served the ball she hit it as hard as she could and the ball spiked Scarlett dead center of her face. I could hear the sound of her nose breaking before I heard the scream. Blood poured down Scars face as I grabbed the girls hands and dragged them into the locker room. "Hurry get dressed." I said frantically. "Hazel you can't be doing that. There's a very good possibility that she will be our new Luna. Scarlett never let's things go." I hurriedly explained to them. "Hey Alanna what did she mean by wolfless girl?" Teddy asked. I let out a heavy sigh. " Well it's simple really. Everyone turned 14 and got their wolves than there's me. I turned 14 and bam absolutely nothing. so voice in my head, no pack link, and no wolf." They looked at me with pity on there faces this is exactly what I didn't want. Before I could say anything to them Teddy threw his arm over my shoulder. "Don't you worry babes.. You got us now and we aren't going anywhere." We walked out of the building with his arm still over my shoulder and headed towards my car. When we got closer Teddy froze in his tracks. When I realized what happened I turned around and looked at him. "Hey Teddy are you okay?" I asked confused. "b***h!!" he yelled causing everyone to look in our direction "You have a 1969 Chevy Impala!!" Teddy finished yelling. "Um yes.. it was a birthday present from my parents." I explained. Teddy looked at me with puppy dog eyes and started pouting " Can I please drive it?" he begged. Before I could give him an answer I heard my name being yelled by Jackson. Ava and Hazel both turned to see who was yelling my name and when their eyes met my brothers they all froze and just stared at each other. I realized right away what happened. They discovered that they were each others mates. I couldn't believe that the first people who were nice to me ended up being mated to my twin brothers. I felt pure happiness for them that they found their other half. But of course my good mood was spoiled when I noticed that the soon to be Alpha Benjamin was walking towards us. Teddy saw how I stiffened up as he got closer to our small little group do he threw his arm over my shoulder trying to bring me some comfort. For some reason Teddy having his arm.over my shoulder caused Benjamin to release a low growl. Teddy let out a little chuckle of amusement when he realized what caused him to growl. " Hey baby Alpha! How are things hanging? Oh by the way you have two newly mated couples." I elbowed Teddy in his ribs when he called him baby Alpha. Goddess does this family have a death wish? First Hazel with Scar and now Teddy. Benjamin turned his attention to my brothers and shook their hands. "Congratulations guys. I'm so happy for you. Finding your other half is truly a very special thing. Tell you what we will have a special celebration to celebrate the fact that you guys have finally have your mates. Also this party is mandatory for everyone to attend." as he said the last part he looked right at me. Ah great now I'm really not gonna be able to get out of this. I felt my shoulders sag in defeat. I angrily took the keys that were dangily in Ethans hands and got I to my car. Teddy followed close behind me climbing in the passenger seat. He looked at the couples and yelled out the window "Let's go love birds I wanna go home! Yall can suck each others faces later!" trust Teddy to embarrass them. I never seen my brothers blush so hard in my whole life that I couldn't help but join Teddy in a laughing fit. When the boys heard my laughter they glared at me. When Jackson got in the car he smacked me in the back of the head lightly . Mom had my favorite dinner butter garlic steak on the grill, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and a salad. It was the most delicious thing in the world. We ate dinner on the back patio that my father built my mother. "mom, dad we have something that we need to tell you." Ethan began speaking. "We found our mates." finished Jackson. I looked at my parents waiting for their reaction. Before I could start to worry my mom let out a very loud scream while a mega watt smile graced my father's face. "Oh my babies have found their other halves." mom jumped put her chair from beside my father and hugged the twins. "Congrats boys. You finally get to know the joy of having your other half." my father said. Not long after my parents found out about Ethan and Jackson's mates I excused myself from the table and went to my room and got a shower. I was sitting on my bed drying my hair slowly with a towel when my parents walked into the room. "Anna we have something that we need to discuss with you." mom whispered as she sat beside me on the bed. "This is so hard for us yo tell you. Anna we want you to know that no matter what that we love you and we have always loved you and that is never ever gonna change. Sweetheart your adopted. Your father and I were out for a run when we found you abandoned in a run down shack that sat on the edge of our territory. We took you to Alpha Samuel. the Alpha offered to take you to the local orphanage but I couldn't let him do that. So I offered to take you in and raise you as one of my own. Your father and I had just found out that we couldn't have any more pups and as soon as I laid eyes on your sweet little face I fell in love." I couldn't believe this. My whole life was a lie. They must have realized that I wasn't gonna say anything so they stood up and walked to the door. Before they left my mom turned and looked at me " This doesn't change anything. You are my daughter and you will always be our daughter." with that they walked out closing the door behind them. I jumped up from my bed and ran to lock the door. Once I heard the lock make its little click I ran back to my bed and threw myself across it. As I laid there I felt my tears roll down my face in big, fat trails. I pulled my legs into my stomach as I gave into the pain I was feeling. My whole life was a lie. My parents weren't even my parents. Ethan and Jackson weren't my brothers. I finally realized why I was the pack outcast and why nobody seemed to like me. I literally had nobody. I was truly alone and unwanted.

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