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"Anna you actaully have to get out of the car to go to class." I looked up and saw my brother Ethan looking down at me. I let out a groan as I slowly pulled myself out of the car. Looking around I saw that everybody were in their own little groups. Before I could say goodbye to my brothers they were already gone. Of course being the soon to be Alphas best friends and future Beta and Deltas they were in the popular crowd. I let out a lonely sigh once again realizing just how lonely I was and began slowly walking towards the school. I was soon in front of my brothers group of friends and saw Benjamin making out with Scarlett. Scarlett was the daughter of the current Beta. Benjamin has yet to find his fated mate so everyone had just started to believe that Scarlett was going to be his chosen mate and future Luna. I was right infront of Benjamin and Scarlett when I saw Benjamin freeze and stiffen up. He pulled away from Scarlett and started to stare at me. His eyes never faltered as he starred. The intensity that he was starring at me with started to make me feel very uncomfortable so I picked up my pace till I had reached the safety of my locker. As I was opening my locker I started to think about how Benjamin was staring at me. In the last 15 years I never had experienced him staring at me like that. I shook my head trying to clear my mind and focus on school. I didn't have the time to stand here and wonder about his behavior. I slowly started pulling the books out that I needed when my locker door got slammed shut making me jump. Looking ro my right I saw Leo, one of the people who made my life a living hell. "Well well well look at what we have here. It's the little wolfless girl. Don't you know that nobody loves you or wants you around. So why are you even still here?" I didn't dare look him in the eyes as it would only make things worse. " Please just leave me alone." I begged him in a whisper. " Oh you actually think I care what you want? Ha that's funny. I didn't know you had a sense of humor human." Before he turned to leave he shoved me as hard as he could without drawing attention from the humans around us into the lockers behind me. I felt the air leave my lungs and knew that I was gonna a have a major bruise later. I slowly bent down to pick up the books that I dropped when Leo pushed me into the lockers. I slowly stood up after getting my things and made my way to my classes. By the time lunch rolled around I was having trouble breathing because of the bruises on my back. I was sitting alone at a table like normal when three people pulled out chairs and sat in front of me. " Hey my name is Theodore but you can call me Teddy. This two are my sisters Ava and Hazel." I was still in shock that these people were sitting with me. I could tell by how the cafeteria got quite that everyone else was in shock as well. " Um hello is anyone in there?" the guy whose name was Teddy was waving his hand in my face trying to get my attention. "oh..Oh... my name is Alanna." I whispered in a confused voice. "Oh girl your name is beautiful!" Teddy squealed out. I looked at his sister in confusion. " Um don't mind him. He's just very much in touch to his femine side. Meaning that he is gay." Ava clarified. Well that defiantly cleared everything up. Soon the bell rang meaning it was time for my most hated class..gym. Apparently Teddy and his sisters had the same class as me and decided that they were going to walk with me. "so... um why is everybody staring at you like they have seen a ghost?" Hazel asked. " well they really aren't used to seeing anybody walking with me much less talking to me." I explained while keeping my head down. "Well guess what girlfriend you are stuck with us for life. We are now your new bffs. So they better get used to it." Teddy said as he threw his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side. As he did that I could've sworn I heard somebody growling but decided it was my imagination. They make us change for gym and as I was putting on my gym shirt I heard Ava and Hazel gasp. I turned around to late knowing that they saw the bruise that lined my back. They were looking at me with a horrified look on there faces. Oh boy....
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