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I was sleeping peacefully when my annoying alarm started going off. Without opening my eyes I reached for the offending noise. When I finally managed to turn it off I snuggled back under my warm blanket with a deep sigh. But before I could slip back into a peaceful slumber my bedroom door burst open and my blanket was ripped away from me and I found myself laying on the cold floor of my bedroom. Looking up I saw my two bear of brothers supporting huge smiles. "What the hell!" I screamed. As I stood up they took off running. I ran after them and chased them into the kitchen where I found them hiding behind our mother. " Oh how brave you two are hiding behind our mother like a couple of scared little pups. Just know if I don't get you now I will be getting you at a later time." I said to the two goons hiding. before they could respond our mom started speaking "Now , now children that is enough. There will be no horsing around in my kitchen. Alanna go upstairs and get ready for school before you are late." I knew better then to argue with her so I turned around and marched back up the stairs. When I was finally ready I looked in the mirror one last time and looking back at me was a young girl with long wavy blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes that was surrounded by a heart shaped face. I looked completely different from the rest of my family. They all had brown hair and deep brown eyes and tall. where as I stood at the height of 5'3 and had more curves than a 16 year old should have. The other thing that majorly separated me from my family was the fact that I was wolfless. Our kind gets their wolves for the first time at the age of 14 but mine never showed. It was the main reason why my pack had turned their back on me and treated me like an outsider. "Alanna! Let's go we are going to be late!" Jackson yelled up the stairs breaking me out of my thoughts. "Hold your horses I'm coming!" I grabbed my bag on my way to the car and before I knew it we reached the school or as I like to call it hell.
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