Mannix Dragon Shifters


Dragons need mates. It should be simple. But nothing is simple when it comes to mating.

This is the complete series! All five stories in one bundle.


Jasmine is just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. She bakes, she loves her aunt, and she has vivid nightmares about dragons. So, when she is selected to be "sacrificed" to the beasts, she does the only thing she can… she runs.

She runs and runs… straight into the heart of dragon country. How could she not have known?

And now she is being pursued by two of the creatures…

Except they really don't seem like "creatures" at all. Particularly when they take their human form. They are sexy and muscled. They are full of heat. And the bastards promise to protect her.

How is she supposed to resist all that?


A second chance with two sexy dragons is exactly what Holly wants for Christmas. Even if she's too scared to admit it to herself. After all, she's missed her chance and she should really just suck it up and accept it.

But when real dangers escalate around her, her dragons, Ryder and Garryck, prove they will do anything to protect her.

And that just makes her desire for them burn hotter than ever… Definitely hot enough to keep her warm during the blizzard that leaves them snowbound.


Calla has to protect herself. She doesn't have a choice. And the only way to survive a f****d trip into dragon country is to go in with the scents of two powerful dragons on her already.

Her plan? Seduce Xander and Kolz, the hottest dragons she's ever met.

Easy peasy, right? What could possibly go wrong?


The answer – EVERYTHING! Starting with the fact that the dragons don't want a woman for just one night… They want to take a mate. And they want that mate to be her.


It's been a shitty few days.

It started with an attack… which led to her being abducted by dragons.

And all of that is bad enough, but then she has to go and make things worse.

Because suddenly stupid things fall out of Rose's mouth. Like her saying that Zale and Maryk are interested in becoming her mates.

Oh… and don't forget that Zale and Maryk hate one another. Sworn enemies, etc., etc.

Right. This has happily-ever-after written all over it.


Heather is a freaking anomaly. An unmated woman in the heart of dragon country. A woman that no one, not even Jay and Bryan, the dragons she lives with, want as a mate. Everyone—and especially her dragons--protect her like she's fragile.

Well, enough is enough.

She wants more.

So, she makes a decision: Jay and Bryan are hers. They will be her mates, even if they haven't realized it yet.

But she is running out of time. Other women are circling her dragons, and she only has until the solstice to stake her claim.


You want to read stories where every mate is pursued by two hot dragons.

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Chapter 1
Mannix Dragon Shifters series was born from a marriage of two ideas following a multi-author event on f******k. I had already published three series: His BBW to Hold (out of print), Masquerade Curves (out of print) and A Werewolf’s Curse. As a prize, I offered winners their choice of any of my books. Most winners chose my menage story from Masquerade Curves series, which surprised me because my best selling books were my paranormal romances. So, I thought, hey, what if I wrote a menage series in a paranormal world? Mannix Dragon Shifters His BBW to Hold Masquerade Curves A Werewolf’s CurseMasquerade Curves If you know about writing, you’ll know that authors tend to describe themselves as plotters (outlining a book before you write it) or pantsers (writing by the seat of your pants). This was very much a “pantser” series. When I started Their Runaway Mate, I had vague ideas about making it into a series, but I didn’t have any firm plans on what those future books would look like. So you may have noticed that I introduced some characters in that first book that didn’t end up with their own book (Korwyn, I’m looking at you in particular). As I wrote the later books, the series took on a different direction that I felt compelled to follow. I don’t have any immediately plans to write more in this series, but I suppose this is one of those “never say never” situations. After all, I really would love to see the Dragons Tears addicts find their way to happiness too. At the moment, though, I have witches and warlocks shouting at me to write their stories for The Warlock Prince’s Guards series. Their Runaway MateThe Warlock Prince’s Guards Their Runaway Mate started with an idea and a couple of key scenes, then I discovered the story as I wrote it. That first chapter started it all, which is unusual for me. Rarely do the first words I write at the beginning of a project end up making it into the final version, but I loved having the dragons chase Jasmine out of her house. Their Runaway Mate Book 2 also was a bit of a surprise too, but in a different way. I had the opportunity to participate in a paranormal romance Christmas anthology, so I jumped at the chance and wrote Snowbound at Solstice for it. Under other circumstances, I probably wouldn’t have written a Christmas novella as the second in the series, but it was fun to work with so many amazing paranormal romance authors and I love Holly in her Christmas sweater having the chance at her happily-ever-after. Snowbound at SolsticeAfter that, I had a better idea of the books I wanted to write for finish the series. Xander and Kolz needed a woman who could handle them. And, Maryk demanded his happily-ever-after and I wanted to his redemption story. Heather’s story, like the series as a whole, was inspired by a reader’s comment. This time it was a review for Their Runaway Mate. The reviewer was like, “wait… what happened to the person in the cage?” When I wrote the original scene in Their Runaway Mate, I was happy that they’d saved the prisoner and didn’t worry too much about what happened to them next, but as the series continued I wondered “what if?” And so Heather’s story was born. Their Runaway Mate.Their Runaway MateI loved writing this series and discovering all these characters along the way. And I am happy with how the series came together. The dragons, who were so desperate in the beginning, have more opportunities now to connect with and find their mates. With the the Mannix clan leading the way, I feel confident they will all be okay now. I hope you enjoyed reading about the Mannix Dragon Shifters too! Mannix Dragon Shifters XOXO Lori loriwhyte.com Psst: Scroll to the end to see a list of my current books. Psst: Scroll to the end to see a list of my current books.

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