Chapter One

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  "Victoria it's time" The voice of my mother rang out the ajar to as she steps in. Happiness filled her face at the thought of my wedding. Currently standing opposite a large standing mirror. I gazed intensely at myself taking full details of my appearance. The white mermaid wedding gown I had on flay touching the floor, the short off-shoulder lace forming a V neckline. The top to the waist designed with a flowery lace the waist downwards designed with net-lace making the mermaid side look floppy. "Are you ready for your big day?" My mother's excitedly spoke smoothing my gown. Today I was getting married to Justin Smith. Thou it's only a contract marriage I could only wish for more. We met only once at the arrangement meeting after that--disappear. Never to be seen till now. He still looked exactly as I had remembered. His brunette hair stylishly punk, his straight pointed nose, his smooth hard-cut jaw, along with his firm lips. Hell, his body was to kill for, putting men into disgrace, he appeared tone and muscular, his 6'5 inches height with his long legs should be illegal. No words could describe how he made me feel. I wish he feels the same way. "Yes" I whispered out taking a deep breath. It was time to tie the knot and become a Smith. Its now nor ever. I took my mothers outstretched hands as we stepped out of the suites. The sight of my father waiting at the top of the stairs graced my presence. Leading me to him my mom handed me over to his side. "I'm happy to see you like this. You deserve this my dear" His calm voice almost bringing me at the point of tears as he pat me hand which held his gently "Your groom awaits" ★°★°★°★°★°★ Groom? Does a groom behave this way? I rage questions to myself. Not less than four hours of marriage am starting to reconsider my choice in agreeing to marry Justin. Heavy footsteps pacing opposite me crowded my space in the large honeymoon suite. Justin ran his fingers though his hair looking deep in thought. His action made me nervous of what the outcome of his mood would produce. The bowtie on his neck hanged loose leaving a few button open by the top. His pace suddenly halt as he gazed at me "Pull off that dress and lay on the bed" He sternly spoke out with blazing eyes. What? "I'm sorry what?" I asked with a frown placed between my brows. Confusion right now is an understatement of the century "Aren't you my wife you're supposed to fulfill and satisfy my needs" He chide putting his hands into his pocket presenting himself intimidating. I had no idea when a gasp escaped my lips as I stared at him in disbelief. He spoke to me like I was a slut. Who the hell does he think he is to order me that way. Straighten my spine I glared at him were he stood "Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me like a slut. Do I look like a possession or property to you?" I calmly said even if I was feeling the opposite inside. His dark brow raise "Aren't you?" "What?" "I bought you in exchange of a company that doesn't make you any less a thing" He smirk at my disoriented state. The nerve of him! "How dare you speak to me that way? Is this how you talk to a woman? Did you mother raise you this way?" I stood up heading towards him slowly already boiling in rage. "Don't bring my mother into this conversion" His expression changed. "Why shouldn't I?" In a flash he appear to my face "Because you aren't half the woman she is" He snared to my face piercing his sea blue eyes to mine. Slapped on his face by his words I staggered back with a look of defeat. What have I gotten myself into? This wasn't the Justin I knew? Why do I feel this is nothing but an act to push me away? Or could this be the real him? Frustrated I latch out back at him "Sorry to burst your bubbles then because am never going to have s*x with a prude like you. Or are you going to rape me?" I asked not snapping my gaze off his "I hope you're gentleman enough not to do so. Go find someone willing to abide to your will" A smirk automatically appeared on his face "That shouldn't be hard. Just know your statement just now will come to bite you one day" At his words he left the masters bedroom filling it empty and cold. ******************* An new BONUS CHAPTER adding to Victoria's experience on her honeymoon night. Thank you for reading Loving Justin. Don't forget to Vote and Comments. It would mean a lot.
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