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VICTORIA CAMPBELL the ever forgiven heart of a maiden found herself toss into an arranged marriage to THE SMITH'S family. With hope that all will be well with the man she would call her husband Victoria agrees. After all familiar face of the past can offer a bit of a comfort. But she couldn't be more wrong.

JUSTIN SMITH the CEO of J.Smiths enterprise desire to buy MCB networking station but it doesn't come without a price. Justin must marry the daughter of Michael Campbell in order to gain control of what he so desire. With a heavy heart and reluctant soul, he sold his life and soul to the marriage.

Hurts and heartbreak endured by Victoria seems on natural bit what can she do when her heart has always belonged to the man of her past, Justin Smith?

But will the secret and past Justin kept destroy everything they newly built?

The main question on in mind, who is Briella?

Read and find out about the too forgiven heart of Victoria. Is she stupid or stupid in love?

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Disclaimers!: Due to certain harsh spoken words I had to put down THIS BOOK for total edit and changes. It wasn't an work doing but I made sure to try my best in it and it corrections of spellings. Also RUDE, HARSH comments isn't  allowed!  If any are sighted it will be immediately removed. There shouldn't be any plagiarism isn't allowed on my book {Loving Justin} all ideas came from me. All right reserved ©Victoria Onyedumaju 2019  Third person POV VICTORIA CAMPBELL sat in the huge wide library reading an enticing book that has captured her attention two hours ago. And there is no way she's ever taking her eye or concentration of it. The shine of the sunset illuminating the whole room made the already cozy room more cozier. Victoria sigh in contentment while her eyes appreciate the novel from the New York Time Number One Selling Author, Nora Robert. Currently she was reading one of her book called 'Playing the odds'. Oh! how she wish her life is that of a fairy tales like in the book. Thou the book has been published out since 1985 but years of looking for the book around the huge bookshelves wasn't easy to find that was the cost of seeing the book in the first place at the age of eleven. Victoria knows she could as well buy a new one but she feels buying another one was a disrespect to the one still available in the library and it was also first edition, it was there but hard to find but with luck at her side she managed to sight the book which means today was her lucky day and she hopes today will bring a new beginning and new changes in her life. Getting to chapter twelve the captivating part or should she say all were so. The sound of the library door opening instantly caught her attention, she happens to be so with years of being cautious and attentive of her surrounding. Victoria gaze up to find a average height woman with blonde hair, grey eyes woman like hers stepped in. You could mistaking her to be a model but one wouldn't know she had clocked her 30s. Victoria sigh at the sight of her mother. Anna Campbell "Good Evening Mom" She stood up kissing her mom's two cheeks affectionately Anna smiled at her daughter's mood, she seem to be ever so jovial today "Good Evening dear. It looks like you've been here through out your off day at work" She couldn't help but comment as seeing Victoria at home could cause the dear old heart of Mrs Elliott the housekeeper have an heart attack. That the the effect a workaholic has on someone when she decided to take a day off. Victoria knowing what her mother was implying chuckled out "Surprised?" She raised her brow at the middle age woman opposite her as she took her sit back on the sofa laying in the corner of the library which has a staircase at the back to help moving around in search of a book high up. Anna smiled at the blonde headed lady who genetically inherit her similar feature "Yes I am. Normally you stay out spending your off day with your friend Lia. Imagine when I got home only to find out from Mr Milton the gardener that you never left the house" She tuck back a hair that had managed to pull out from Victoria's ponytail back behind her ear. The young lady Campbell smiled at her mother's kind gesture "Lia isn't around so I took it upon myself to search for the book I have long be searching for and imagine how miraculous I found it. Today must indeed be my lucky day" She said lifting the book for mom to have a look at. Anna faintly smile feeling guilty for what she was about saying "I see" She spoke out then cleared her throat for what she was about bringing up which wasn't pleasant "Initially that wasn't why I came here. If it where up to me I wouldn't be here I seriously refused to disturb your peace but I fear I have no other choice" Sensing reluctant in her mother's voice Victoria drop down the novel she had on her hands down on the stand beside the chair gently "What could be bothering you?" Victoria calmly ask. Taking a deep breath Anna began talking "As you know years goes and passes by you aren't getting any younger, you also haven't been I'm any relationship and your father fears who will end up growing old without getting married" Not liking where this subject was heading to Victoria sat up waiting for the heavy blow to land "So you father arranged a marriage for you to the Smith's family" Anna finished then cautiously studying her daughter. Victoria slowly digested what her mother just said. Thou she was angry at her dad's intervention on her personal life but she couldn't help but think he was only concerned at her well been. Victoria intention from the start was to never get married even as she loves the relationship and love her parent shared. Not wanting to disappoint her father she questioned "Which of the Smith?" Anna surprise expression didn't go pass Victoria to take notice "Justin Smith" She slowly replied to her daughter back. Victoria nodded at that "Okay. Inform dad of my approval" She said then took back her novel then set back her full attention back on it. Anna with her disbelief look stood up leaving the library she never expected Victoria to easily give in. Anna guess the forgiven and kind heart of her daughter has manage to damage her daughter's sense of reasoning. While Victoria who was busy reading her interesting novel could only think maybe its about time she has a taste of her own fairytale. It was time to take a leap.                      **************** MEANWHILE, JUSTIN SMITH carefully took a gulp of tequila from the glass in his hand while he stare out from the huge high glass of his office which presented him an atmosphere of beautiful scenery. But his mind couldn't be more far. Justin's thought hasn't wilder from his approval to Michael Campbell's absurd suggestion. Marriage. That one word scares Justin a lot, yet here he is regretting and resenting ever agreeing to tie the knot with Michael's daughter Victoria Campbell. How familiar that name sounds. He took another swallow from the glass this time heavily. Deep down he knew Michael had it all planned down. For eight months Justin needed the damn mans signature on the paper to hand over his networking company over to him which he had rejected continually and all of a sudden a marriage suggestion was presented to him I order to gain possession of the network station. Justin wanted nothing more than to disagree on Michael's terms but the greed of having something he never had over clouded his sense of reasoning. Choosing not to think more about it only to make him regret his decision, Justin shook the negative thought behind and only thought of the good and positive thing this marriage of his will bring. Because anything Justin wants....he gets. He smirk at his wise thought. The sound of his phone ringing snapped him from his deep contented thought. Heading to his desk he picked up his iPhone to find Michael's name appearing on it. Without wasting much time he answered his call. The old man didn't take much time in saying out "She agreed to marrying you. Get prepared" ************************* Hi guys!!!!! Early I left an important note about bringing out a bonus chapter. Well here it is!!! An interesting bonus chapter of Victoria and Justin's approval on their holy matrimony. There are still more bonus chapters to come. Please don't forget to vote and comment. Thanks lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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