One Night with the Billionaire

one-night stand
opposites attract

Evelyn was engaged to her long time boyfriend, Nate. But right before her marriage, she found him cheating on her with her best friend, Ava. Her world collapsed, and the next morning she found herself in the arms of a stranger.

She left in a hurry and went ahead with her life pursuing her dreams than love.

But fate had other plans when after many years, she meets the stranger under unfavorable situations. He turns out to be a spoiled playboy billionaire, Liam Willson, the CEO of Willson Industries. Liam, smitten by her, chases after her. No matter how much she tries, she finds herself drawn to him.

Is it all a game for Liam? Will Evelyn find her forever love in Liam? Let's find out.

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#1 The betrayal
"I hate you...!" Evelyn ran from the hotel room, unaware where. She just wanted to get away from that place, far from Nate. How could he do that to her? They are college sweethearts. He had chased her for a whole year before she agreed to his proposal. He tossed that in a second of need. He could have come to her. Why did he felt the need to go to another woman? And that too her best friend, if she could call that her anymore. The more she cried, the more the image of her boyfriend f*****g her best friend on their hotel suite flashed her mind. They were engaged. After this trip, she would have been his wife. Why did he do that to her? How would she break the news to her family that she was not going to marry Nate anymore? Her eyes were cloudy with tears. She just ran wherever the path led her. "Evelyn, stop. Let me explain." She heard Nate calling for her. She looked back to see Nate half-dressed, following her. Again his betrayal flooded her mind. "I hate you, Nate. Go f**k yourself or Ava." Evelyn groaned as she stomped her foot before running towards the exit. She could still feel Nate following her. As she walked down the stairs hurriedly, she bumped into a firm chest. Cold coffee spilled over her clothes and that man's expensive suit. He was tall compared to her. She needed to look up to see him fitly. But she did not have that luxury at that moment. As Nate's voice neared, she looked at him with tensed eyes. She did not wish to talk to him. There was nothing left. She will never stand betrayal, no matter what. Nate was about to get hold of her when the hotel staff stopped him. "Sir, you can dress like this and walk here. Please get properly dressed. We have other guests." A bald man said him as courteously as he could. Nate looked pissed. He did not have time to go back and change. He needed to talk with Evelyn. Finding a perfect opportunity, Evelyn mumbled a sorry to the rich man as she pushed past him towards the exit. The man could not understand what must have happened for her to be in such a state. Probably the guy cheated on her. She had makeup spilled all over her face due to excessive crying. He could tell she was beautiful, but all those spilled mascara and the makeup did not allow him to see her natural beauty. But how much did she hate him to walk like that outside the hotel? She had a spoiled dress and looked horrible with all that crying! She fascinated him. He followed her outside the hotel. But she was long gone, and there was no trace of her anywhere. He grunted for a while but left for the important meeting he has to attend. Evelyn walked in despair on the sideways till her foot started hurting. Her stomach growled in hunger. She looked over at a nearby restaurant but flinched at her reflection on the glass door. She can not walk like that! She looked nothing less than a zombie! She does not deserve this. If he had the nerves to cheat on her, then she doesn't need him. She was here to have fun. And she will have it, her way. She changed her mind and stepped inside the nearest parlor she saw. She was not going to roam like that. She knew she was beautiful. Nate was the most popular guy in the college. And yet, he chose her despite her not being a cheerleader. "Ma'am, what do you want us to help you with anything? Apart from your makeup, of course." A girl with a ponytail and wearing a high heel asked. She had brunette hair, unlike her chocolate brown hair. "I want that color for my hair. But with a lot of curls. And maybe some food." Evelyn pointed at her long ponytail. It was as if the girl knew what Evelyn was going through. She had that confident shimmer in her eyes, and Evelyn trusted her totally for her makeover. She did not want to look like the girl that Nate cheated for a while. After several hours, when the makeup and coloring were over, Evelyn could not recognize herself. She looked like a high-end model from the Paris fashion show. But that dress had still spilled coffee on top of it. Just then, she came up with a glittery bodycon mini dress. It was everything she needed now. She did not care about the price tag. Anyway, she doesn't have a wedding to pay for anymore. She deserves that dress. Evelyn swapped her card, spending almost her entire money in that parlor. But she had not repents. She got deceived today. Her broken heart needed that dress to feel more confident. Once she was out of the parlor, she felt devastated again. There was nowhere she could go. She was certainly not going back to that hotel. Also, she can not roam around looking like that. She looked at the sky, lost. Teardrops threatened to escape and ruin her face again. That's when a man in his middle ages approached her. He was neatly dressed. "The pub is on the opposite side of the road. Are you lost? Or waiting for someone?" He asked her in a formal tone. Probably he was one of the staff and mistook her for a guest. "Yes, I am looking for the pub." Evelyn smiled back. Alcohol and music sounded good to her ears. As Evelyn walked inside the pub, she could feel hungry eyes all over her. She liked the attention she was getting. But her heart ached for earlier today. She found an empty chair near the bar and walked towards it. One, two, three, and then she lost the count as she finished her glasses. She felt high, and her emotions were all over the place. She got up from her chair and walked towards the dance floor. A lot of men flirted with her. A few even made some advances seeing a beautiful girl alone and drunk. She was completely drunk and had no idea what was happening around her. One man was almost going to kiss her when she could feel a tall man pulling her from him. "You are drunk. You should not let other's take advantage of you." His deep hoarse voice echoed through Evelyn's ears. She looked up to see the owner of such a magnificent voice. And her heart skipped a beat. He was far more gorgeous. She wrapped her hands around him in a sultry way. "Then will you?" She looked at him with questioning eyes. The man pushed her away from a little but did not let go of her. He looked towards the woman he was with for a casual date. She looked pissed, but he did not care. The drunken girl had swiftly managed to ruin her date night but save him from that boring cunning woman. "You are with her? Go. Go. Shoo. A man should not cheat on her girlfriend." She mumbled under the influence of alcohol. "She is not my girlfriend. Where do you stay? I will ask someone to drop you safely." He called over to the same middle-aged man that had shown Evelyn the pub. Evelyn jumped out of his hold and embraced the man. She was giggling all the while. "Thank you. If you had not shown me the pub, I would have been crying on the road right now. Ruining my makeup twice the same day. Do you know, that girl took all my money to make me look like this." Evelyn stuttered and stumbled as she told her story. The man looked with unease towards the tall man. "Are you afraid of him? Everyone is afraid of him." Evelyn looked at the tall man funnily as she struggled to stand still. "I will leave her. Go and check her ID." He said to his staff and helped Evelyn stand properly. Once the middle-aged man was back with her details, he picked her up to his car. He was not going to leave a drunk girl alone among hungry men. Despite being a playboy himself, he understood that much. "You are gorgeous. Do you know that?" Evelyn traced her fingers over his face to make a point. He smirked at that. Of course, he knew. But hearing a compliment always makes someone feel good. The girl sitting beside her was beautiful too. "Are you sure you are staying in this hotel?" The man asked in confusion. What is wrong with this place. Earlier that day, he bumped into a crying girl, and now he was dropping a drunk one. That's when he looked at her. Although It was not easy, he could tell it was the same girl. He could feel something trigger his heart at that. Suddenly he found himself a bit more attracted towards her than what he was already feeling for her. She was too beautiful. "But I am not going inside. The cheaters stay here. I am no cheater." Evelyn cried suddenly. This time he understood the reason for her getting drunk and behaving in such a weird manner. There was no way he would leave her there when she was against it. He drove his car to the nearby star hotel. "Do you like me?" Evelyn asked. She was not aware of what she was speaking. But she needed some approval. Going to the hotel has brought back some bitter memories. "You are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." The man spoke the truth. "Kiss me." She demanded abruptly, making him baffled. He wanted to. And not only not to kiss her, but do more. But he was not sure if he should. She was drunk and may not approve of this in a sober state. "Are you with someone? Lucky her." Evelyn looked outside the window, feeling sad over getting rejected. "No. I am single. But it is not that." He replied. "No one wants me, though. Nate f****d my best friend. I just lost both my fiancee and best friend in one day. and you would not even kiss me." Evelyn sulked. She just wanted someone to love her and make her feel special. Was it too much to ask? If Nate could have s*x with Ava, why can't she get someone who wanted to have s*x with her? Was she not desirable anymore? "You have no idea all the things I want to do to you. But you are drunk." The man spoke of the real reason. Evelyn took out a napkin and wrote down something on it. It read, "I want to have s*x with this hot man. No guilt." The man chuckled. "You think I am hot?" Evelyn bit her lips at that. She did think he was hot. He was the perfect creation of God. He parked the car on the roadside and crashed his lips over Evelyn's. Evelyn parted her lips, giving him an entrance to the inside of her mouth. She tasted of wine and vodka. But it was the most luscious lips he was kissing. He could not understand how did he get so lucky. He could feel the heat building up inside him. After that urgent yet short passionate kiss, there was no going back. He needed her too. He booked the most expensive suite in the star hotel. He had the most beautiful girl in his arms willing to spend the night with him. When he came to New York, he was not expecting something like this to happen. Guess he was lucky.

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