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(Christine) "WHAT THE F-" As I stormed into Clein's room, I immediately covered her mouth, locked the door, and leaned against it. "Oh Goddess," I muttered, catching my breath and my knees trembling. "Are you okay?" Clein inquired, "you look like you're being chased by demons." I shook my head and blinked several times, fighting back the tears that were about to fall from my eyes. "No, I'm not okay." How can I be if no one ever mentions the Alpha's return? The Omegas didn't even tell me he was coming back. Even this blue-haired she-wolf. I was stunned and filled with various emotions, and to make matters worse, I was startled not by the Alpha's unexpected arrival, but by the girl with him. Heck! I had no idea what kind of reaction I had earlier. When I saw how beautiful the lady

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