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-CHRISTINE- TWO WEEKS LATER (DeQuia Mansion) "Again!" Panting, I stood up holding a katana in my right hand. "Hiyah!" I yelled, aiming for my opponent, but Clein easily blocked my attack. She spun to the side, attempting to elbow my face, but I slapped it with my left hand and kicked her in the middle. She immediately used her sword, burying it horizontally in the ground, and knelt to keep herself from flying into the air. "Not bad," she muttered, smirking. I smirked back. "That's because my Master isn't all that bad, but there's one more thing I want to try." I took an attacking position by shifting my body sideways and separating my legs while pointing the tip of my katana at her with my hands clutching the handle of the sword tightly. Surprise washed over Clein's face but quic

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