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- Christine- "Move this brawl outside," Clein told us. We emerged from the weaponry room to find myself a little later in the middle of three enraged she-wolves. My keen eye examined their human forms. The first lass holding the short sword had curly blond hair and was dressed in short shorts-shorts and a tube. The other, who was wielding a curved sword, had red apple-cut hair. She was dressed in a tank top and skinny leggings. She was so much thinner than the first that even a strong wind could carry her away. The third one, on the other hand, is the tallest. She wore short shorts and a tight shirt and her hair was long, black, and straight. She held a long, double-edged sword in her hand. I made a hum. Not too bad. Well, I'm not all that bad either. My untamed hair was perfectly t

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