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Christine- "WHY did you not listen when I told you to stay away from him, Chip?" I bit my bottom lip and focused on the front of the car. Clein kept nagging at me as we drove to RavenStone Tower. "Damn it, you and Tyron are insane. I can't believe you two! And that stupid moron even marked you last night? Wow! Such a high level of insanity!" I sulked and covered the Alpha's mark between my neck and shoulder blade. "Clein, tell me," I mumbled, my eyes welling up with tears. "Am I not deserving of being Ty's girlfriend? Is it because I am just an Omega?" She exasperatedly gasped and abruptly stopped the car. "What! Who the hell put that stupid thought in your head?" she snarled and cast me a pissed look. I returned her stare and responded in a hurt voice. "You." "Me?" she asked, puzz

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