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-Christine- "ARE YOU CRAZY, OR DO YOU DESIRE TO DIE? " Loud noises outside Tyron's room jolted me awake, and I gradually opened my eyes and blinked. Is that Clein speaking? Her voice could tell that she was furious. My lips pursed as I wondered who she's been talking to for it was still early to render a fight. "And why are you referring to my boyfriend as insane? Who do you think you are? " Another voice echoed throughout the house, and I recognized it as well. With a deep sigh, I moved closer to my Alpha's body, resting my head on his naked chest and wrapping my arms around him. He felt so warm and I loved it. I tried to fall asleep again, making myself more comfortable in my friend's arms, when his hand went up to my hip and gently pressed it, making me smile. The commoti

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