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EXCITEMENT rushed through me as I stepped out of the mansion. I've been there for two weeks, but this is the first time I've gone out. As the gentle rays of sunlight hit my structure, I couldn't help but smile and enjoy the sensation of its warmth against my skin.

"This way, chip!" Clein called out to me.

I instinctively searched for her and found her not far away in front of a red sports car.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.


Is she taking me to RavenStone City? And we're going to ride in that thing?


I giggled as my excitement increased.

Clein stated that she intends to practice the Fire and Ice Sword Dance in Ravenstone Tower. I was thinking about it at first because I knew I'd be out of place. I mean, I'm not sure how to play with swords. In addition, I am only an Omega. I'm sure t

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