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Christine -

"WHAT THE f**k," Clein yelled as he pushed Tyron away from me. "What do you think you're doing, DeQuia?" she grabbed my arm, pulled me back, and stepped in front of me.

While I was still flustered from the unexpected rough kiss, the Alpha growled back at her.

"Give her to me, Moon!" Tyron demanded as he approached the blue-haired girl.

"Chill, bro!" Kisses tried to stop him but was smacked and shoved into the wall.

"Give. Her. To. Me!" Tyron grunted, his jaw clenched, giving Clein a threatening look.

Clein shook her head and squinted her eyes. "No! You can't just ravish random girls around you with your perverted mouth, and no sir, you can't have her. Damn it, can't you see? She's too fragile. You'll only crash her. Hurt her. Come on, Ty. She's been through a lot! Spare her, please!

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