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"WHERE IS SHE?" Tyron hissed through his gritted teeth. As Clein stood in front of the RavenStone's alpha, her entire body turned pale. Tyron was angry by the way his jaw twitched and his hands clenched tightly. Or not. He's not only angry, she could tell, but enraged. His body was shaking uncontrollably while his eyes turned greyish to black. His wolf was trying to take over, but Tyron was keeping him on a leash. Except for that brief moment, Clein had never been afraid of Tyron. "Speak Moon! Where the f**k is Christine!" He finally exploded and slammed his fist down on his table, which instantly broke in two and fell into the floor with everything above it. "Jesus! Calm down, you stupid fucker!" Clein yelled as Tyron threw his leather chair into the wall, making a loud crashing s

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