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CHRISTINE- Jillian Harris' fists collided with my face, causing me to scream in affliction. Blood dripped from my busted lips as I staggered backward, dizzy from the sudden attack. "You like it, Christine? Did you miss all my beatings?" Jillian hissed mockingly in my ear as he leaned forward. He didn't wait for my response as he grabbed my hair, yanked me up, and whacked me with the back of his hand. My body spun around as I lost my balance, and I yelped as my forehead collided with the edge of the bed before collapsing to the floor. Dots obscured my vision, and my consciousness threatened to drift away, but hard kicks to the middle and chest drew my attention back to what was going on. Oh, my God! I cried out, clutching my broken ribs. "Don't pass out on me yet, b***h! You need to

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