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-CHRISTINE- "Christine," a voice called, jolting me awake. I slowly opened my eyes and was perplexed to find myself in the middle of a vast spring field brimming with various types of fragrant flowers. "Christine, child, come here," a man's deep voice called out to me once again. Hastily, I got to my feet because I recognized that voice. "Papa," I mumbled. With longing and excitement, I stood up and scanned the entire field, widening my grin as I caught sight of something in the distance. A few meters away from where I was, there was a small hill with a large old oak tree on top. I took a small stride and then ran forth. "Papa," I said, addressing my father. Three figures were standing behind the tree, but their gaze was not on me. My gaze landed on the man with greyish hair and alt

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