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-THIRD POV- "f**k!" exclaimed Jillian. As he exited the basement and slammed the door shut behind him, his wolf growled in frustration. "What!" he snarled when he saw one of their men waiting outside who had stopped him from ravaging Christine's body. Thinking back to that slut. He couldn't stand the thought of her sleeping with the enemies of all the wolves on that continent. It was difficult to believe at first until he checked the CCTV footage of Mr. Winston's hotel and saw the Beta of RavenStone walk out of his assigned room. Kisses Lei was carrying that b***h. They were together! Jillian fumed he could feel his body temperature simmered while Hellbound; his wolf paced back and forth. That lame worthless second in command. He bet that the dumbass and his stupid Alpha were deli

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