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-CHRISTINE- MY eyes popped open, and I wheezed for air as cold water splashed against my face. "Wake up, slut!" Jillian snarled, holding an empty bucket in front of me. His toned body glistened from sweat as he wore only a pair of ripped jeans. His hair was a tangle, and his eyes were bloodshot. The future Alpha threw the bucket into the corner and locked his gaze on me. My chest constricted. Fear gripped my entire form as I remembered how he had beaten me earlier that morning, and I could tell he was still enraged by the way his jaw ticked. I didn't realize he was already in the basement for I passed out again from hunger. "Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy f*****g that looser, you piece of s**t?" Jillian asked, gruffly. "I-I don't know what you're talking about," I said, avoiding hi

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