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-Christine- SOMETHING cold touched my face, causing me to open my eyes, only to see Lilac standing in front of me, holding a wet cloth. "L-Lilac?" with a shaky voice, I mumbled my friend's name. "Christine! You're awake! Thank you, Goddess!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with relief. "Are you alright? Please talk to me?" My eyes automatically watered and I nodded. I was about to hug her but to my confusion, I couldn't move my body only to realize that my wrists and feet were being chained and I was pinned against the cold brick wall. Dread flooded my chest. "L-lilac, w-why am I chained? Where am I?" I scanned the whole room where we were. It's dark and almost empty. "B-basement." I turned to my friend and saw worries on her face. "I-I'm in the basement right?" "Jillian brought you

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