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-Third POV- TYRON had been ripping, smashing, and tearing those stinking mutts into pieces for two hours as a group of rogues in their wolf forms kept prodding. Those criminals were attempting to gain access to RavenStone's Detention Unit. In rage, the Alpha snarled. He knew what those knuckleheads were after, rather, who they were after. Their king was inside the structure behind him, and those thugs wanted to free the sick bastard. Nonetheless, if those nitwits expect Tyron to make it easy for them to do what they came for, they would be disappointed. Tyron tore his shirt. "Enough of this nonsense!" he yelled as he leaped into the air, finally transforming into his deep black wolf form, eliciting astonished grunts from the trespassers and his subordinates. The Alpha had no intention

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