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-Christine- I FELT WEAK. As I pushed myself up the bed and sat in the corner, my vision began to blur. After a few seconds of gathering my strength, I stood up and walked towards the door 'What is going on with me?' Why am I suddenly dizzy?' As my knees trembled, I reached for the wall and quckly leaned against it. Suspicion crossed my mind and I shook my head. Wasn't it Jillian? He must have put something on the glass of water he gave me before leaving for his match five minutes ago, and that has something to do with this. It had something to do with why I felt like jelly and felt like I was in the cloud. That asshole! He is the devil. I thought I'd be able to finally escape, but I was wrong because that jerk made sure I didn't do anything he didn't like. Earlier, when those tw

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