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JILLIAN dragged me out of the car, and the bright spotlights blinded me. I was also out of breath, suffocated by the swarm of sweaty werewolf civilians who had gathered around us.

My ears were about to bleed from the noise.

They were yelling and shouting the name of the future Alpha of GrimStone while holding banners with the words 'The King Of Underground Fight' written in bold letters.

Jillian was pleased with the warm reception he received from his fans, and he seemed proud of himself as he tilted his head up and laughed proudly. He hooked his arm around my shoulder and drew me in closer. "See that? They treat me like a King here," he boasted as he led me to a building near the parking lot. "Wait until you see me fight, baby, and you'll understand why."

I'd rather not respond because I don't care about him or his fight. All I wanted to do was get out of that loud and stinky place. To flee from him and his father.

I tried to escape earlier when we went to the mall for Kelby and Dilly's shopping time, but all of my attempts were epic failures. When Kelby told me to assist them in their shopping spree, I was disappointed when Jillian decided to escort us.

He stood guard over me as if he already knew what I was up to. I once told him I'd go to the restroom to relieve myself, but Jillian refused to listen and waited for me outside.

I was irritated, but thankfully, he did not do anything disgusting to me again. He's preoccupied, and I've realized it's all because of the fight he's talking about.


"ALPHA Sigma."

As we entered the modern building, we were greeted by a middle-aged man dressed in a formal suit.

"Mr. Winston, nice to see you again," the Alpha of GrimStone said as he drew his arms away from Kelby and Dilly and shook hands with Mr. Winston.

Jillian, too, removed his arms from my shoulders and shook Mr. Winston's hand.

"Hohoho! Same here, same here, and I'm glad you came tonight," said the primary host.

They laughed despite the fact that I couldn't find anything funny in their conversations.

"And I believe that you finally found someone who could match my boy, Mr.Winston. You know I hate wasting time watching a lousy fight," Alpha Sigma told the man with a bragging smirk.

Mr. Winston answered back with a chuckle and muttered, "Ah, don't worry, I've already found a good fighter who's as strong as Jillian!"

Alpha Sigma and Jillian, being egoistic and conceited bastards, were unconvinced and simply shrugged.

"Then my boy should get ready. See you at the fight, Mr.Winston," Alpha Sigma said and bestowed Mr.Winston with a nod.

Two women in sexy dresses approached us immediately after that. They escorted us to our rooms with sweet wide smiles.

"Hands off b***h!" threatened by their charms, Kelby scorned those women who simply rolled their eyes at the insecure witch.

I kept quiet and concentrated on my surroundings. The structure appeared to be a private hotel. It appeared abandoned and stale from the outside, but it was stylish and sumptuous on the inside.

As we took the lift to the third floor, I stopped evaluating the establishment. As we loaded off, Jillian grabbed my shoulder and yanked me closer to him.

"Here are your Royal suit passwords," one of our escorts said, handing Alpha Sigma and Jillian small papers. The codes to the rooms.

They finally left us after informing us of the time of the fight.

"You'll stay with me," Jillian murmured in my ear as he typed his room's password.

"What a lucky b***h," Dilly murmured, and before I could object, Jillian's assigned room door cracked open. The cruel bastard wasted no time in dragging me inside, causing me to gasp in desperation.

I mentally whispered.


Someone, please assist me!



"What's the problem, bro?" Kisses entered the room assigned to Tyron by Mr. Winston, the underground fight's commissioner, and the building's owner.

The Alpha of RavenStone reached for his cigars while quietly watching the first fight from the window. Tyron lit one and put it in his mouth.

He puffed a big whiff before finally turning to his Beta. "Cancel the operation tonight; there's something more important I need you to do later," he said emphatically.

Kisses Lei inhaled deeply and scratched his nape. "This had better be substantial, bro; all of our men are already in their positions and just waiting for your order."

"This involves a woman, mutt," Tyron hummed and grunted.

"A wo— a what?" blinked the Beta, puzzled, and mumbled, "Wait, am I hearing correctly?"

The Alpha sighed. "You heard me, i***t," he rasped.

Kisses whistled in disbelief. "Damn! So who is this lucky she-wolf, Alpha?" he exclaimed.

Tyron grinned and cast his gaze out the window. "Bring the she-wolf who's with Jillian Harris to my room."

Kisses' jaw dropped in surprise when he heard that. "Wait a minute, that's f**k!"


THEN, that night...

AS the highlight match began, clatters slammed into the parking space.

Viewers reacted differently when they learned that Tyron DeQuia had joined the underground fight and that he would be Jillian's surprise opponent.

Alpha Sigma, on the other hand, was not pleased. From the defender's bench, he was enraged as he watched his son being slammed into the ground by the Alpha of RavenStone.

"Is that all you've got, pup?" Tyron asked, poking Jillian's battered face with the tip of his shoes.

Jillian grunted, almost collapsing.

Alpha Sigma couldn't take the humiliation any longer and threw a white towel into the air. "Damn it!" he yelled as he marched back inside, leaving his son and women behind.

Tyron made a tsk sound and lit another cigarette as he was crowned the new King of the Underground fight.

When he looked down on Jillian, he was filled with disappointment. He had high hopes that the Harris kid would put up a good fight. Guess the mutt was nothing more than arrogance and a pretty face.

"Alpha, your prize has already arrived in your room," kisses send him a message through the mind link.

Tyron's mood shifted. "Well done, Kisses."

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