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(Christine's POV)

THEY all turned to look at me as I walked out of the packhouse wearing the white dress Kelby had given me. As I became more anxious, my speed slowed. No, it's because of Alpha Sigma and Jillian's disgusting grins, not their gapes.

They examined my body from head to toe with their cancer-filled eyes. I averted my gaze quickly. They constantly told me that I was nothing more than a fat, lazy she-wolf. An unsightly quirk that wasn't deserving of their attention. Those words messed with my head and dragged my self-esteem to a low level, yet their actions contradicted their words. To be honest, I was still shaken from what Jillian had done to me earlier.

Why? Are his savage beatings insufficient? Why is he suddenly showing an interest in me?

My hands were clenched together.

What is going on with him? Did he consume something that made him more evil?

I wasn't thrilled to be the center of his attention because the last thing I wanted was for those monsters to notice me as a mature woman.

I retched just thinking about what Alpha Sigma said to me in my room.

They couldn't possibly do that!

They murdered my parents, took our land, and treated me as a slave. I couldn't believe they wanted my chubby body as well. Nonetheless, I would not allow it because I am not like Kelby, Dilly, or the other GrimStone girls.

I'm not going to let them have me!

"Are you just going to stand there all day? Or is your body just too heavy for you to walk more?" Kelby looked out the car window and screeched insults that knocked me out of my thoughts.

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I heard chuckles from the other pack members. I continued striding to the car, biting my lower lip and lowering my gaze, before the witch opened her filthy mouth again.

Alpha Sigma swooped inside his Chevrolet Traverse, while Jillian stood his ground and awaited my arrival.

I approached him because I had no other choice, but to my surprise, he suddenly pulled me forward, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pecked my exposed neck.

"You're f*****g hot, Christine," he said and was about to bite me when I shoved him away.

"No!" horrified, I sneered at him, my apprehension visible on my face.

What is he attempting to accomplish?

Is he going to mark me?

Jillian yelled at me for he didn't like my reaction, and before I could react, a hard slap landed on my face, causing me to yelp and swerve my head ninety degrees.

Jillian was still not finished when my hand flew to my burning cheek. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, snatched my hip, and used his punishing mouth to attack me.

He bit and licked me and all I could do is to gasp for air. I tried my hardest to push him off but Jillian abruptly stopped and freed my bruised and bleeding lips.

"Listen, w***e," he grumbled, pointing a finger in my direction. "You can't say 'no' for your fat-little ass belongs only to me from now on," he exclaimed, his teeth gnashing. "You.Are.Mine, Christine; always keep that in mind!"

Before I could respond, he yanked and shoved me inside the car and slammed the door shut on my side.

I whimpered and my eyes watered for I was exhausted and violated. I wiped my tears and gathered all of the energy left in my body before moving to the farthest corner of the car and hugging myself.

Kelby and Dilly scoffed from the second row, while Alpha Sigma turned around and looked at me, saying, "I couldn't risk leaving you behind, so please bear with my son's harshness, Christine," with no sympathy in his voice.

I chose not to respond, instead, focusing my attention outside for I couldn't bear the sight of those evil creatures.

I loathed them.

Jillian jumped in front of the car, and we finally drove away.

As I realized something, I mentally shook my head. It was not Kelby and Dilly's decision to bring me along.

The Alpha was the one who thought of it.

The cunning old wolf reasoned that I would take advantage of the opportunity to flee.

A bitter smile tugged my lips.

So, what made him think I wouldn't flee once we arrived in RavenStone?



TWO hours later, we stopped by a prestigious restaurant and had an early dinner.

Even if I had no appetite, Jillian yanked my arm, pushed me down on my seat, and force me to eat. Kelby and Dilly pinned me with sharp glares. Those witches were envious and insecure from the special treatment I was receiving.

I sough and ignored them.

"Honey, can we do some shopping first?" Dilly sweetly asked Alpha Sigma as we walked back to the car.

The Alpha nodded, his gaze fixed on his gold-plated wristwatch. "All right, but only for an hour."

As their lover agreed, the witch siblings squealed with delight.

"Thank you, hon! You're the best as always," Kelby said as she sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

My face flushed as she kissed him like a horny b***h. Alpha Sigma rasped and kissed her back. His hand swept inside Kelby's summer dress and cupped her full breast.

My eyes widened as Kelby moaned and arched her back. The Alpha suddenly pulled up her dress, tugged down her lacy bra, and then claimed her erect nip.

Oh, God!

I closed my eyes feeling embarrassed.

That wasn't the first time I'd seen them do such heinous things. I always caught them in the kitchen, the garden, the stairwell, or wherever they wanted to do it. I should have gotten used to it, but I couldn't. My stomach churned just watching them.

As Kelby's voice grew louder and louder, I covered my ears.

"c*m now, you filthy slut," Alpha Sigma roared hoarsely.

When I heard Kelby scream, I knew the dirty b*tch had reached her climax.

"Now it's my turn, honey," Dilly said, and I grumbled inside my head.

Goddess. Never again!

And I eventually puked.

Author's note
WARNING: Smuts ahead!
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