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-CHRISTINE- "WEAR THIS!" Kelby tossed a dress at me and marched out of my room with a deep scowl. My brow furrowed as I paused from folding my freshly washed worn-out clothes. I slowly got up, picked up the dress from the floor, and checked it, wondering what was wrong with her. It was old-fashioned, with a simple cut, but it was nice. I blinked, perplexed, and c****d my head to the side. 'Is this a dream? Kelby would like me to wear this dress?' As I pulled the fabric a little more, I realized it's also stretchable, which made me hum. I couldn't understand why the Alpha's woman gave it to me if it still fit me. 'They are used to bullying me, so why?' With a glare, Dilly appeared in the doorway. "Before you jump to conclusions, slut, know that you'll only be wearing that because you're going to Raven Stone with me and Kelby, and we don't want our servant to look like a poor slave," she scorned with the same grimace as her sister. "Now move your ass and clean yourself; don't make us wait or you're going to get it!" she warned, leaving with such force that the entire packhouse trembled. As soon as she was out of sight, I hurriedly moved, grabbed a towel, and dashed to the bathroom to take a shower. My entire being swelled with excitement, and as I stood under the showerhead, I couldn't help but grin widely. Still in disbelief, I mumbled, "Is this real? I'm going to RavenStone with Kelby and Dilly?" That was the place I'd hoped to visit before my parents died. I giggled like a child being tickled. Who would have guessed that I'd finally be going there, even if it's just to help the witch siblings? I couldn't help but feel ecstatic about it. Aside from the DarkStone pack, RavenStone is one of the world's largest and most improved cities. Tall buildings, shopping malls, parks, and markets all fall into this category. It's a haven for all wolves. A neutral ground with a powerful Alpha leading the City and capable of forcing every wolf to follow his rules. Alpha Tyron Gravity DeQuia. For those who disobeyed his law, he was a ruthless beast. He could turn his adversary's world inside out and destroy them with no remorse. The reason why other packs' Alphas, rogues, and ordinary wolves feared him. I took a deep breath and shook my head. To be honest, I've never met him in person. Yes, I'm referring to RavenStone's Alpha. Everything I knew about him came from hearsay from my fellow Omega. And every time I heard them say the Alpha's name, strange warm feelings wrapped around me, and I couldn't help but imagine him. His physical appearance. What a tall and handsome man he is. What a terrifying figure he is. A sigh escaped my lips once more. The curiosity about how ruthless Alpha Tyron is always getting the best of me. Is he as tyrannical as Alpha Sigma and as cunning as Jillian? Is he as attractive as they are? Well, I won't deny that, as bad as those bastards are, they're also irresistibly attractive, just like other male wolves. It's no surprise Dilly and Kelby was madly in love with them. Except for me, all the she-wolves in GrimStone Pack worshiped them. I have nothing but contempt for them, and I knew they felt the same way about me. They despised me for being an Alpha-blood. Being fat, weak, and unattractive. I bit my lower lip and shook my head for the second time. I kicked the jerks out of my head before they ruined my self-esteem. I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and wiped my bruised body, which made me wince. "Heck!" I exclaimed. I'm not sure how many days had passed since the kitchen incident, but those bruises were still on my skin. My wolf should have been healed by now, but after being abused and beaten for the past few days, he has deliberately become weak. That is, assuming I still have a wolf inside of me. My chest was stuffed with worries. It all started the day they started mistreating and degrading me. I think I've lost her. Apart from the fact that I am still healing, but at a slower rate than before, there are no indications that she is still alive. My wolf was supposed to be my strength and the one who cheered me up when I was helpless, but her absence only proves that I couldn't rely on her. Luckily, I still have Lilac. The only true friend on whom I could depend. She patiently cared for me until I was able to walk normally again. With a small smile on my lips, I made a mental note to thank her later, as well as a mental note to avoid getting in the way of Alpha Sigma, Jillian, and the evil twin. With that, I exited the bathroom, my only towel wrapped around me. ______________ JILLIAN perched on my bed almost made me jump in surprise. I mumbled his name, "Jillian." "What are you doing in here?" I asked, clutching the towel around my waist. As his squinted eyes scanned my entire form, I gulped. His expression remains as dreary as ever. "Sit here, Christine," he said, instead of answering my question, and patted the spot on his side. I was about to say no, but I changed my mind because I knew he'd be upset if I disobeyed him. I moved and sat beside him on the bed, but as soon as my buttocks touched the mattress, he pushed me down and climbed on top of me. "Jillian!" I yelled in horror, attempting to push him off of me. Jillian, on the other hand, was far too powerful. He snatched my hands and pinned them above my head, smirking like a monster. "Why, you're getting prettier and prettier every day, Christine? Hell! And you smell so good too," he grumbled and was about to force a kiss on me when I quickly turned my head sideways, causing his lips to land on my cheek. "No, Jillian, please! Don't do this!" I cried, terrified of the thoughts racing through his mind. "I beg you, please let me go!" Instead of listening to my plea, he grinned like a possessed wolf and murmured, "I never thought you could be such a hot, fat-ass slut." As he licked my face down to my neck, I wanted to vomit in disgust. "No! Stop, please stop," I yelled, my body trembling in protest. I can take all of the beatings. The abuse and bullying, but not this. Only my mate, not the cruel bastard, has the right to own and possess my body. While I was in the middle of pushing and crying, someone entered the room "What the f**k, son!" Alpha Sigma exclaimed. "Give the girl a break! We don't have time for your little game; wait until after the fight!" Jillian slid off of me without thinking. There was no trace of embarrassment, only dismay at his father's interruption. "What the hell, Dad!" he exclaimed as he stood up. "Timing, dad! Timing!" Alpha Sigma gave him a deadpan expression. Jillian smirked and gave me a sharp look, causing me to whimper. He grumbled and marched out of the room, saying, "We're not done yet, bitch." "That horny dog." Alpha Sigma made a tsk sound and explored my shivering, unkempt form. "You gave him a reason to attack you, Christine, but before my naughty boy, I'll be the first to have a taste of you, little w***e," he said, then turned around and walked away. I was left alone, sobbing and hugging myself. Goddess, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what's going to happen next. Those two scumbags. They didn't appear to be content with simply beating me. They are also interested in my body. __________ RAVENSTONE Later that day... THE underground fight will be held in a massive required parking lot of private property on the north side of RavenStone, exactly as the invitation said. The luxury cars belonging to the match's participants were already stationed there. The spotlights were all turned on. There were spectators, fighters, handlers, and even the underground commissioner was present. Everyone was yelling as they waited for the first match to begin. MEANWHILE, Tyron blended into the shadows in the parking lot, a cigar on the left side of his mouth. His face was devoid of emotion, only torpor. "They're late," the Alpha said through the mind link to his Beta. Kisses Lei, who was also lurking around the area, automatically responded, "Chill, bro. They're already coming." When the Alpha heard that, his eyes narrowed to slits. Kisses is correct. He noticed a black car pull into the parking lot. That piqued everyone's interest, and the audience erupted in applause to welcome the newcomers as they realized who was inside. Tyron sneered. He threw his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it as he watched Alpha Sigma and Jillian Harris made their grand entrance. Sigma Harris and his whores jumped out of their black car as it pulled into the reserved parking space for them, and Jillian followed. Tyron's jaw clenched hard as those assholes were greeted by their foolish supporters with banners and cheers. "Alpha, you should be preparing for the highlight match by now," one of the RavenStone staff members approached the Alpha. Tyron was about to growl and shoo him away when he changed his mind. "OK," he barked instead, causing the staff in front of him to gulp and then walk away, scratching his head. Tyron couldn't wait to see Harris' reaction when they found out he was the highlight match's surprise opponent. He smirked and gave Sigma and Jillian Harris one last disapproving look. He shifted his weight and was about to turn around when his sharp eyes were drawn to an intriguing piece of art, causing him to come to a complete stop. Jillian Harris dragged a woman dressed in a simple white gown from the luxury vehicle. Tyron smirked. It was 'her', not the perfect white gown that hugged the voluptuous body of the she-wolf, who piqued his interest. He looked at the lass with interest and tried to recall where he had seen her. "Damn it!" he screamed in disbelief after a few seconds, causing his wolf Dusk to grumble. Tyron's fists were clenched. Who would have guessed that the woman he was looking for was only a few steps away? The chubby she-wolf in his dreams.
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