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GrimStone Pack -CHRISTINE'S POV- I AWAKENED to the sensation of dampness rubbing against my face, and I winced as I gradually felt a stinging pain on my skin. "I'm just cleaning your wounds, Christine," said a soft voice, quickly soothing me. Lilac's troubled face welcomed my hazy vision, forcing my eyes to open. She's an Omega as well, and she's the only friend I had in that pack. We're in my small room, and she's on my side with a clean, wet towel, tending to my bruises. "What happened?" I asked, my voice trembling. Lilac took a deep breath and her face became solemn. "Those scumbags beat you to death! Can't you remember anything?" My head shook. She grimaced and scoffed. "Well, that's understandable; if I were being smacked by a pot, I'm sure I wouldn't remember what happened." A frown tugged at my brow as I mumbled in confusion, "A pot?" "Uhuh!" sighed Lilac. "Christine, why are you letting those witches lay their hands on you? Are you a masochist or do you have a death wish? Why don't you learn to fight back, huh?" she exclaimed. How about learning to fight back? I bit the side of my cheek as I swallowed the dry lump in my throat. I couldn't think of a single word to say to Lilac because I was still perplexed. My thoughts returned to what had happened earlier that morning as I took a deep breath. -Flashback- AFTER Jillian's thrashing, I moved quickly as the future Alpha of the GrimStone order echoed in my ear. The jerk told me I had only fifteen minutes to prepare for their breakfast or he'd smack me again if I didn't complete my task within the time he gave me. Even though I was stumbling, I managed to make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, but I had no idea Alpha Sigma's women were waiting for me. When I stepped inside, a hand grabbed my hair and another hit me in the face. All I'd done was yelp in shock. "It's already noon and there's still no food to eat, you w***e!" sneered Kelby, Alpha Sigma woman number one in my face as I snuffed her strong perfume. She pushed me hard enough that I lost my balance. I squealed and fell to the floor, giving her the opportunity to grab the back of my neck and pin me down. "Perhaps you've been flirting with every male wolf in this territory all night, tell us the truth, you ugly fat-ass!" I zipped my dry lips, not daring to respond because I knew it would only enrage them if I did. "Speak up, b***h!" Dilly, the Alpha's second woman, kidnapped me from Kelby. She grabbed my arm, yanked me up, and scratched my face. My eyes welled up as I cried out in agony, feeling Dilly's nails rip my skin. But the she-devil wasn't finished yet. She grabbed the side of my face and slammed my head against the nearby wall. My skull made a cracking sound as it hit the cold surface, and my vision spun so fast. Dilly grabbed my bruised cheeks and sank her sharp painted nails deep into my flesh, almost knocking me out. "Tell us, you ambitious w***e, are you planning to seduce the Alpha? You've been up all night waiting for an opportunity to jump in his bed, you pathetic slut!" Whimpering, I continued to refuse to respond because I had learned from previous experience that it was better not to say anything. Though I wanted to curse, argue, and call them names, doing so would only make matters worse for me. "First, look in the mirror, you disgusting fat-ass. No one wants walking cholesterol like you. You're nothing but a freak!" Dilly freed me. I expected her to simply saunter away and abandon me, but her evilness surprised me when I noticed her reaching for the cooking pot on the counter. "N-no." Despite my dizziness, I crawled away, my weak and beaten-up body refusing to cooperate with my brain. Something hard hit the back of my head seconds later, immobilizing every part of my being. "Ugh!" I groan, my face collapsing to the floor, and the darkness engulfed me. -End of flashback- TEARS formed up in the corners of my eyes as I remembered everything. "Is there any way for me to get out of this hell, Lilac?" Lilac became more solemn. "The truth is, Christine, I don't know either. We both know how strict the pack warriors are in guarding the area. The chance is zero," she replied. I smiled bitterly as I saw hope wave goodbye in the back of my mind. "I suppose I should just accept my faith then, Lilac." My pal nodded. She had sadness and pity in her eyes, which she quickly hid because she knew it would make me feel even more pathetic. "Your situation is difficult, Christine; I'll ask our Goddess to send you your future mate as soon as possible; he may be the only way for you to escape this hellhole." When I heard that, I cracked a genuine smile. "Thank you, Lilac, and I'll pray for it as well." Even if my future mate is unable to locate me, I will not easily give up hope for I still have Lilac. She's different than the other wolf in our pack who despises me. They harmed and abused me because I was the daughter of GrimStone's former Alpha. It's self-evident. As the legitimate heir to our territory's throne, I pose a significant threat to Alpha Sigma and his successor. Apart from that, I'm fat and ugly, and they can't stand looking at me because I'm a freak. "All right, Christine, I should get going," Lilac snapped me out of my self-pity. "Get well soon, and I'll just tell the Alpha that his bitches beat you to death and you won't be able to work for a week." She adjusted my blanket and made sure I was comfortable before leaving. When I was finally alone, I burst into tears and prayed to the Moon Goddess. "Please, help me." _____________ RAVENSTONE -Third POV- Tyron shook his head and tossed his cigarette into the empty trash can the next morning. "Damn it!" he cursed, his skin pricked by the perplexing uneasiness. Dusk, his grumpy wolf, was growling for no apparent reason and pacing back and forth from the dark recesses of his mind. There was something going on, but he had no idea what it was. The strange insane feeling began the other night and has gotten worse as time has passed. It was the reason he went outside, to take a short walk to relieve his discomfort. Tyron exhaled a deep breath and strode to DeQuia's treasure, a hundred-year-old tarnished sword half-buried in a large rock in front of the mansion. He came to a halt a few inches away and pulled another cigar from his pants. As he lit it, he couldn't help but notice the Silveria Sword, which had previously belonged to his great-grandmother, Silveria. He raised his hand, running his fingers along the rusted blade. "I wonder why it's still here." Tyron moved closer to the sword, grabbed the handle, and attempted to pull it free from its sturdy sheath, but it remained stuck. "Damn it!" he yelled, frustrated. He retracted his hand and scratched his chin. "Alpha, should I keep reminding you that swords are not for you?" his Beta; Kisses Lei confirmed behind him. "It's for your potential mate." "This is the Silveria DeQuia's sword, stupid. My great grandmother's," the Alpha sneered. Kisses sighed and crossed his arms across his chest. "You know what I'm talking about, Alpha Ty," he insisted. "It's written in the prophecy that your future mate will be its next owner, the only she-wolf with the power to draw the sword from this holy land." "The prophecy isn't real, moron. Drop it," Tyron snarled and smacked the back of the Beta's head. Kisses chuckled, but he pressed the issue further. "But what if it's true? Will you deny us our Luna?" "It's not that stupid sword that will decide my fate," Tyron grumbled. "I'll choose the woman I want to be my Luna, and no one will be able to stop me," he said definitively before changing the subject. "Anyway, do you have any updates on the fight tonight?" Kisses confirmed, "Positive. Alpha Sigma and his son are going tonight, and Jillian Harris will join the fight." "Good," Tyron said with a smug smirk on his lips. "Bring all of our pack warriors together; tonight, we'll put an end to this underground fight; any brainless crap who sports stupidity and resistance will be killed." "Copy, Alpha," Kisses replied, hunching his shoulders. Tyron finally turned around and walked back to the mansion, satisfied with his Beta's obedience. Kisses remained on his spot, his gaze drawn to the Silveria DeQuia sword. "Alpha?" he called back when the Alpha was already at the front door. "How do I know if I'm the chosen one?" "Try to touch it and I'll tear you to pieces, you creep!" grumbled the Alpha.
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