The Sandwich

1256 Words
In Between There's nothing more alluring - Jacqueline I'm late, damn it. I cursed on the inside knowing I'd been struggling with the necklace. I had taken a couple of days off for school assignments and now I have a date with my sugar daddy for a boring evening and I'm now trying to keep up with my timing. I need help. My thought races as I grab my stuff after putting on my sexy heels, my nails are matching fiery red color with my toes, my off-the-shoulder evening dress is on point with my diamond-encrusted clutch. I grabbed my white faux fur coat on my way out of my apartment. Ella always said I'm a hustling, s*x-craved, attention-seeking sugar baby. But I know my appearance screams million-dollar trophy wife climbing her way up to be the first lady. I intend to ask my neighbor to help me with the necklace, however, I didn't expect that when I burst into her apartment, her two gorgeous twin brothers were there. Yummm... Talk about s*x on a stick. God was definitely in a happy mood when they were created. "Ella, oh my, I didn't know your sexy brothers are here," I gave my flirtatious wink, then handed her my simple yet luxurious-looking teardrop diamond necklace, "hurry, his limo will be downstairs in like five minutes," I giggled and lower myself down for Ella to put my necklace on. My date would probably be waiting already, but he's always nice and I'm sure he wouldn't mind the wait. As seconds passed, I was feeling the tension from the hot twin brothers, I could feel their eyes on me and it made my belly warm on the inside. Seriously, Jacqueline? Ella is like your bestie, there are rules. My conscience struggled, but obviously not for long. Meh, life is short. YOLO people! Though I freeze when one of the brothers takes the necklace, and Ella told Grady to help me with it. Um...yeah, okay... "Sorry babe, I just got back from a cocktail tasting at Player, here, Grady will help you out," Ella winked at me. Pfft...who am I kidding, she probably knows that I was already mentally undressing her brothers, I try not to look at their polished appearance but when you can buy a car with their wristwatches it's hard not to appreciate their wealth. There's always a certain kind of oomph I found appealing on rich men, the way they walk into a room that could captivate and turn heads, also the way they can entrance people with anything they say. Maybe it's the bling, and the thousands of dollars worth of tailored designer suits, or the fact that they have millions maybe even billions on their bank accounts. But my thoughts were interrupted when one of them speaks out. "Your date should pick you up at your doorstep, you shouldn't be meeting any man downstairs for a date." I heard one of them speaks. Hmm, this must be Grady. Ella always says he's the most obnoxious one. "Wow, daddy, thank you for helping me out, but my date is running late," erm..he's probably on time, but I'm not going to tell him that, "...and I'm being practical, and some of us don't live in the fifties." I turned around to face Grady inches from his face, I give him my signature seductive smile. I was confident with my beauty, I know I don't have pores, and my face is flawless. And when his eyes darken I know I had him. I could see Ella was struggling not to laugh when I made Grady, the obnoxious brother, speechless. But he snapped her a look, and Percy shook his head at Ella as if he was trying to tell her not to rile his brother's anger. "Okay sis, we're going to go before he explodes, I'll call you, okay? I love you, we love you, Ella, just let us do this." Percy hug her before he grabbed Grady by his very strong-looking upper arm and forced him away from the staring contest that he was having with me. Damn those eyes. The brothers were finally gone when I fan myself making Ella my bestie neighbor finally break a burst of laughter. "Ella, oh my...he can be my daddy,, they can both tell me what to do," "Ew... seriously Jacqueline, they're my brothers! you need..." But I was out of her apartment before she finishes her words, suddenly remembered about my date for the night. "Hey, hold the elevator please," I was pacing my steps, gathering my evening gown lifting it a bit, not wanting to trip on it. "Thank you." I plastered my sweetest smile at him, then to the other brother. "Your date is downstairs?" "Grady right?" I asked not sure about who's who, they looked identical, almost the same but I remembered Grady is a bit taller, and slightly more built than his brother. Though they dressed differently but my mind was scattered as I was hanging on to my coat and clutch while carefully thinking about my paper that's not going to write itself. "And you're Percy," I said winking at the other handsome man before me. "And you're Jacqueline, we've met. Sorry about my brother he has a lot on his mind right now." Percy swept his eyes over me, leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. He felt safe, while to my other side Grady's stare made me hot all over. And I also noticed that Grady is the grumpy brother, I should really stay away from him but somehow my mind was imagining his grunts and how he would hold me with his strong arms when he's deep inside me. Oh crap... Snap out of it, Jacqueline! It has been a while since I had this kind of tunnel vision and it didn't end well for me. I tend to lose focus and forget everything else. Stupid cheating man-w***e. The first year of college, Jacqueline. You need to reject the temptation. I shake my head and play with my clutch when all of the sudden the elevator decided to stop on every goddamn floor and I was getting sandwiched between the twin as people started to fill the elevator. Percy was to my side, I could feel the calmness of his bearing and it made me smile warmly at him. While Grady was to the back of the elevator, somehow I feel like he was engulfing me with his presence by staying to my backside. The elevator was randomly packed with people and I know had goosebumps when people shifted to let people in and out and my back touches Grady's front, his strong build printed like a hot stone spa treatment I just had days ago. He was hot, yet strangely relaxing against my body. His breath somehow felt inches from my ear and I could feel his smirk as if he knows that I was affected by his presence. Damn rich handsome guys. I sighed when the elevator stop, I put on my smile and give Percy my warmest. Yep, I'm just going to ignore the grumpy brother. Or at least try to... "Well, see you around then, my date is here," I winked at them as I exit the elevator. I could hear the growl leaving Grady's mouth and it made me bite my lip, but I didn't look back, I kept on walking to the lobby then stepped into my date's car for the night.
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