Wonder Twin

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Gluttony is a sin Everyone is a sinner Me included - Jacqueline "You look stunning." He kissed my cheek the moment I was to his side, his driver close the door behind me and was back behind the wheel leaving the hot twins by the apartment lobby. "Thank you, Mr. Taheri." "Ghazi, please, and I'm sorry for running a bit late," "I know, I'm trying to flirt here," I winked and rest to his side, enjoying the smell of his expensive cologne. "And...you're a busy businessman, you don't have to explain yourself to me. I understand." The Iranian business mogul looked handsome in his Gucci suit, which not a lot of men can pull off their glamorous design. And when we arrived at the charity venue, his dark skin, raven hair, impeccable taste of suit, designer leather shoes and gold cufflinks made few heads turn our way. I let him put my hand on the crook of his arms and while I stay pretty beside him and be the perfect date while my mind wanders back to the hot twins. Earlier this evening when I hurried myself to Ella's, I didn't expect the twins would be there. I've been eyeing them since the first time they showed up at Ella's a couple of months back, then at the hospital where they relentlessly waited on their sister. Their dedication somehow moved me, or maybe their sleek expensive appearance, but either way I've been drawn to them like a moth to a flame, or in my case flames. Yikes, I'm already digging my grave. The code has been there since the ancient chick flicks, always, never lurk at your bestie's siblings. Hmm... maybe Ella is not my bestie, we're definitely neighbors. "Isn't that right, honey?" The caress of his hand on my waist took me back to the current situation. "Yes, of course," I smile brightly at the couple to our front and caress his hand showing off our affection. The lady to my front was another preppy trophy wife who eyed Ghazi then me with pure jealousy. Stand down, b***h. There' are always her kind roaming around the charity gala, dressed too sexy and too flashy with her diamonds making my eyes hurt, as if she'd bedazzled her whole body if her man allowed her to. "You looked bored, let's get some drinks?" he whispered in my ear while I smile biting my lip, pretending we're in love and he's whispering something perverted in my ear. "Yes, please," I replied quietly, but loud enough for the couple in front of us to hear. The woman sickeningly pouted, and look at her husband who looked like he was done with her as he took another sip of his champagne. It was not after the gala dinner that I was getting bored, my mind was seconds away from counting sheep and drool on the table, while Ghazi was busy talking about some Iranian dictator to a younger man beside him. The subject was too foreign and uninteresting for my ears and I was about to go to the ladies when I spotted my neighbor's brothers. Yup bestie be damned, I'm going to refer to her as my neighbor from now on. Her hot twin brothers were looking exquisite in their black fitted suit, probably Hugo boss looking at how the materials defined their shoulders perfectly. They must've changed before coming here, and good decision also cause I could visualize panties are dropping from where I was seated already. More than a handful of women who were clinging to their men smiled at the twins, and few were flirting shamelessly dropping a hand or two trying to grab their attention. "...Jacqueline, darling, do you mind?" Okay, I should stop and concentrate on my date for the night, instead of thinking about the s*x-dripping twins. But luckily I did hear him, somewhere along the line that he was going smoke a cigar in the men's lounge with the younger man who obviously know that they were going to do more than enjoy a well-rolled cigar. "Of course, Ghazi, I'll be here when you get back." I let him kiss me on the lips, it was soft and polite just like his appearance. Being his escort has been a relaxing experience for me, aside from his shady business and the other life that he's trying to keep well hidden. My lips are sealed, ready to keep his secrets and maintain his public appearance as a wealthy hetero man. Maybe it's his background, maybe it's his view on businessmen in general, or maybe just in his line of business...meh, and I care about this why? "Jacqueline," Percy greeted while Grady smirked and sit his sexy ass on Ghazi's seat. "Well...well, are you two following me?" Both men didn't answer, Grady put his hand on my knee as Percy rest his hand to the back of my chair casually as if we're old acquaintances. "You do know that you're date is ditching you for another man?" I squinted, looking at Grady as the words left his mouth. "Grady, don't be rude. Shall we? they will be gone for a while," Percy holdout his hand, and I decided to ignore Grady and get up from my seat, slowly... giving him a show of my breasts lingering longer than needed, making sure my perfume tickle his senses. Percy chuckled knowing exactly what I was trying to do and took my hand to the crook of his arm once I was to his side. "I don't keep a short leash on my date, I trust him." I shrugged and let Percy usher me to the deserted area of the place. It looked like a library, a private room, totally didn't expect the clicked signaling that they were keeping me in, locked in a room. With them. "What do I owe the pleasure of your company to?" my heart was beating a thousand times faster, totally didn't foresee my night locked inside a room with two of the hottest men I've seen in a while. I didn't even bring a condom, knowing Ghazi never wanted my companion sexually. "Don't play coy with us, Jacqueline. You know that we want you," Grady was to my back and kissed my naked shoulder excruciatingly slowly. We...oh, f**k. "I don't know what your deal is with your date, but we know that you're just keeping appearance for him." Percy put his hand to my hip, fanning his fingers just under my breast as he lay sweet kisses on top of my exposed breasts and trail his kisses leisurely to my neck until he reached my mouth and Grady's hand caresses my ass, squeezes them as he let out a low sexy growl. Double f**k. "I'm his escort for the night." There, maybe I'm just f*****g stupid but I'm not a repeat offender. Been there done that, and I'm not going to be trashed by anyone because of my life choice. "You're what?" Grady backed away instantly, while strangely Percy kept his hold on me. Well...well... "I know you're too f*****g beautiful just to be a boring woman, what's your agency? I want to be on your calendar." "The f**k Percy, seriously?" "Bro, no offense, I like her and we don't share all women, right?" Fuck, that is too f*****g hot. "Just so you know, we don't kiss and f**k each other. Nope, that's a hard no." Percy bit my ear after he drawls his last word pulling my body flat to his and showing me his evident erection. He's big, I wonder if they're that identical. "I need to think on this." Grady pulled me away from Percy and told me that I should get back to my table. But not before I slipped Percy the one business card I carry that night. A card that stated nothing but a direct line to Kamaria's number, my boss who will make him sign paperwork and make my s****l adventure profitable and safe for me. I don't give the card out often, though I had it stored at least one with me should I need it. And I need to give them, him, oh... I wish the other him change his mind. I was most certainly drenched and horny the moment I was back to my seat and the twins vanish from my sides. Damn it. The rest of the evening, my mind wonders to my toys at home, thinking have I charged my favorite vibrator while Ghazi hold my hand and kissed my knuckles romantically. I need to get off. Badly.
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