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Women are distraction And I can't be interrupted - Grady I sighed and rest back to my office chair, our Financial Corporations are the most lucrative businesses that we run. We have several company names under our belt, as we have taken over a few companies over the years. At twenty-five years old people still wonder how we even get this successful in life. But their astonishment diluted when they learned that we're the genius twin. We are not mathematical Einstein-type genius, but our brains were tuned differently and the tests said that we're smart above average and we proved them right, over the years. Percy and I skip grades in elementary all the way to college and now we're skipping our way up the business ladder and be financial tycoons at a very young age. Mom and dad were still shocked that we've taken business life so easily, and they do not approve of our hectic way of living. Mom would always think of us as her cute twin baby boys, and dad still look at us as his mischievous boys that are always up for something bad. But we are respected men among our peers, though they're older than us we have perfectly infused ourselves with our achievements in the financial world. We even have our profiles splattered on finance and business magazines as the twin financial mogul. The last article was 'Wealthy Under Thirty' and it slapped me on the face when we were printed side by side with the gloomy-looking twenty-year-old YouTuber who apparently makes money by telling her ghost stories and make-up tutorial. I still can't see where the two go hand in hand but the little gothic beauty was reported to have more money than she can spend in her lifetime. I don't know if the words are true since the magazine also reported that me and my brother's wealth can feed a small country. I gave the magazine to Percy when he walks into my office and sits in front of me. The man reads the article then he laughs at it, "It's not even our money, sometimes I feel like I'm taking money from kids." I nodded at him since we both know that we were presented with good timing, knowledge of the industry, and the connection of a whole lot of rich people who didn't know what to do with their money. Oh, and our brilliant genius brains, obviously. "You're not seriously considering her, right?" I look sternly at Percy and he knows exactly who I was talking about. The blonde beauty we teased last night, she was so beautiful that I got lost in my urges too. Maybe it's been a while since I f**k someone, maybe I just need to have a nice lay and forget about the temptation of banging an escort. I never paid for s*x, not even once in my life. To think that I would support that kind of business was too much for my idealistic mind. I still can't believe that our baby sister Ella is her neighbor and a close friend of hers. "Bro, she's f*****g gorgeous, and consider this. All those women we f****d she has far better circles, that Iranian mogul do you know how much his net worth is? Yes, I've run a background check," Percy and I also have shares in a security agency owned by our old college buddy, Bruce Steward. He agreed to sell a sum percentage of shares to us when we explained to him all the opportunities that his company can have with rapid expansions. His company was going stagnant while his rivals were growing faster than bush fire. From then on he'd taken our financial advice and we make his company our project of the month until it flourish and he has more clients and new offices to busy himself with over the next ten years, maybe even twenty. The agency surely made its rival lose jobs with their flashy-looking offices and strong teams of very capable people behind them. Since then we've been milking their discretion for our background checks and apparently, Percy thought we can start using it to check on a certain gorgeous escort that we seem couldn't get our hands off last night. "Dude, I think I can differentiate a rich guy and a filthy rich one by now. We are in the industry, right? We manage their financial situations." I said, deciding to start typing my email replies while I let my twin brother talk. Percy was about to say something when he paused as Mrs. Gomez enter my office with our morning coffee. "Don't forget, you have your morning meeting with the PR team this morning, I scheduled it in meeting room two." "Thank you, Sylvia," I replied and send her away from my office. "All the beautiful assistant that you can have, why chose her?" Percy asked the question he has been asking every couple of times a year, he knows my answer and he kept on asking it anyways. And just like always, I gave him the same answer. "Women are distractions, I feel save with Sylvia." "Pfft, you're just a momma's boy, she treated you like her own, I know it. She's nurturing, she's your office mom." He teased me then take a sip of his black coffee. Percy was there when I was experiencing the harsh ending of my first serious relationship. I was closing myself from the world for almost a year, even mom and dad didn't know what to do with me and Ella was equally frustrated. I was helpless until one day my brother had enough of me and took me back into reality. He knows I was not ready to date, maybe not ever. So like a good brother he made me get back into s*x, telling me that I need to let her go. He was there with me in our first threesome. I would still laugh when I remembered how he told me that he'll be there so I won't back down. The man can be very persistent, and we did the talk where he stated the rules, no kissing and no touching between us. He cared for me so f*****g much that he was there for me when I needed him to get over her, to move on with my life. I always thought Melody was the one, I was nineteen when I met her, and we were together throughout her college years. She was there for me on all the milestones of my life, the graduation, the first job interview, and my first glass window office. Percy had been by my side, but my love for her was strong. It was young love that grows painfully over the years, and as always Percy had been there when shits start falling apart. I love her so much that it hurt when she left me, though I know someday she would, but still, she ripped my heart apart and I was never the same person since then. I became a hard shell that focus on work and after Percy led me back to the joy of s*x, I can have another outlet aside from work. I've taken my one-night stands religiously. We don't share women often, we only share when he knows I need his help to start my night when I was antsy enough for a f**k but my mind was back to Melody. She would still do that to me, Melody, even thinking about her name can still make my eyes feel hot. That's also why Percy and I never speak of her name again. He knows me, he knows me too damn well. "Whenever you're done plotting your next world domination, I'll be in meeting room two with the PR team discussing about less meaningful life-altering decision to increase our company revenue." "Yeah...yeah, I'll be on your tail," I dismissed him and finish my coffee while he dash out of my office. I close the small velvet box after caressing Melody's ring and push it back inside my drawer. My eyes stings and I shook my head, clearing my throat, and followed Percy to meeting room two. If only...
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