Meeting Alpha Mason

949 Words
As I turned from the river, there stands my father completely furious with me! Bella Dawn!!!! You should have been home hours ago! My father turns as his back is towards me, Shift now, he says! I shift back and grab my clothes from behind the rock and follow him back home with no words spoken between us! We walk in the pack house and my father turns to me, "How could you not be  cautious and aware of your surroundings before shifting?" I look at him furious, "how the hell was I suppose to know when I would shift for the first time today? He turned and sat on the chair,  I just want to protect you Bella but I know I won't be able to forever, so bright an early in the morning we will start some even tougher training and figure out your powers. Understand Bella?! I look away furious cause I've already surpassed all the training needed but I nodded and started to walk upstairs only to be stopped again by father. "And Bella, after training I will be having a very powerful Alpha here tomorrow, the notorious Alpha Mason. He will be meeting me to discuss business and to bring more trainers who specialize in your skill. You better be on your best behavior. Understand? With a big gulp due to my father being a big Alpha himself I quickly nod and walk up to my room. I lay on the bed thinking about my shift and how painful is was but the end result was beautiful. "Why thank you, I think I'm a beauty too.! I laugh at Cyan's response I can tell shes going to be a natural smart ass! I sink down in the covers trying to get comfortable and some sleep considering I have to get up early for training. I eventually fall in a deep slumber! Once again, I'm walking in the forest at dusk enjoying to fall leaves and breeze when all of a sudden I'm halted at the sight of a wolf tearing into another wolf almost killing him. I hear him yelling my name and telling me he loves me and to run. But instead I charge killing this massive wolf into shreds and the wolf who shifted looks up at me with a smile, saying I love you. I wake up in a massive sweat, "What is with all these dreams"? I jump out of bed and put on my pink sports bra and black spankies and run down the stairs, out the door and out on the training field. "Sorry dad, woke up late"! Bella, Beta Carter will be helping with the training and Alpha Mason will as soon as he gets here. Me and Beta boy start practicing and at every angle he gets his ass beat." I have never fought this well before." Hell, I can get used to this!" Beta carter starts preparing for the next session as I am infatuated by a strong scent, smelling of musk and woodsy ! I look towards the smell to see my father and whom I assume is Alpha Mason Black of the Sparce Moon Pack! My eyes stay fixated on him and his strong aroma. As I'm staring he turns to look at me, his eyes unable to leave mine until  he lets out one of the largest growls ever. I turn to see what he's staring at and there stands Beta Carter waiting for our next training session. My father, stunned looks at me and then Alpha Mason and says, Bella, Mason, you guys are Mates aren't you? Alpha Mason and I look at each other and then to my father and with out hesitation, reply Yes! My father walked away shaking his head, leaving me and Alpha Mason standing there. He comes walking up to me,  puts his finger under my chin and says"mine"and turns and walks away. The next day I rush out the door running late for school and once again being guarded. I can't believe my father and Alpha Mason have me guarded by six of their best wolves, with one of course being Beta Carter, following every motion and stance! Guys, can you give me some damn space? I don't need you up my ass 24/7! One of the guards approached me, sorry Luna, but it's the Alpha's orders!" f**k his orders!"....I couldn't take it anymore nor could my friends! Ok, Sir Thomas, lets give her a little breather, but not too far back cause if anything happens were f****d! I nod at Beta Carter for the gesture. Bella, Bella!! I turn to see who is yelling my name, " hey Sarah, what's up? "Where have you been?" Me, Ben, Gabby and Dylan have been worried about you! Oh, It's a long story! Sarah looks at me like she could choke me any second! I look at her and sigh and start explaining. "I found my mate and you will never believe who he is! Sarah, jumping up and down, begs for more details. So, who is he? Is he sexy, big muscles and a body you want to dig your claws through?" I laugh with her bitter excitement as she is clapping her hands and jumping around. "Sometimes I think she is a c***k head!!! Ok, Ok!!! "He is the notorious Alpha Mason"! She falls to the floor in pure shock, then looks at me and says, No Flipping Way!!! He is like the sexiest Alpha ever and one of the youngest at the age of 20!! Bella? "Hey, Dylan"! Bella, where have you been lately? "It's a long story! Sarah can fill you in later!
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