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The trees are so beautiful this time of year, the fall colors,the crisp dew and the beautiful sunset shining lightly causing my skin to glow as it comes to a dim. I find myself alluring deeper into the forest just taking in all it has to offer. The birds singing, a mama and baby deer cuddling and the nice cool breeze blowing through my hair. I felt at peace until a loud growl appeared out of no where. Without hesitating, I run as fast as I can not thinking where I may end up. But, before I can make it very far I'm pushed to the ground by a  gray wolf, very large in stature and eyes completely black and very sharp teeth like they are ready to bite down on my neck any second. I slowly try to get out a word afraid of what's going to happen. "What do you want with me"? He climbs off of me and stands firm on the ground. " I want you and I will have you!" I start shaking, "Why do you want me?" He comes closer to me and leans in my ear, "cause you are the white wolf with all the power that can help me destroy even the toughest of enemies!" I wake up to someone beating on my door. I rush to the door to find my mom who seems to be in an oblivion..... Are you ok Bella? What is going on? I heard you screaming!! "Mom", I'm ok I just had this horrid dream is all, something about me being the white wolf. Her face frazzled at me mentioning that! "Mom", are you ok? Bella, I want you down stairs in ten minutes! Me and your father need to speak with you...btw, Happy Sixteenth Birthday baby girl! I hop in the shower hurrying as fast as I can but I can't help but to think of the dream, it felt so real, like I was really there.I turn the water off and jump out of the shower, put clothes on and some light makeup and rush downstairs to find my parents in the kitchen. Bella, please take a seat, me and your mother need to talk to you about your wolf that should be making her presence sometime today." I've dreaded this day, scared of what will happen when I go through my first shift . Okay daddy! Darling, as you know you will get your first shift today and we need to tell you the truth. "My heart starts pounding cause this can't be good, but I kept quiet and let them talk!" "Honey", my mom steps in, "you are the white wolf and the only white wolf to ever exist!" My face in shock turns to my parents, "what do you mean I'm the white wolf?"  The dream I had last night comes to mind as my heart starts pounding and about to burst out of my chest, I know my parents can hear it. My mom looks over, "honey, we also want to tell you that you will have some very strong power as to being the white wolf and there will be rogues and many others trying to get to you, so your father will have guards with you always!" Mom? Dad?  I had a dream last night and a gray wolf appeared in it and pinned me to the ground, saying that I was the white wolf and that I will be his!  Bella, being forewarned in a dream is apart of your power. Me and your father will be on guard always, as you should be as well. Always remember that you are the future Alpha here and the Moon Goddess gave you this destiny for a reason! Before I can walk out the door my father stops me, "Beta Carter and Sir Thomas will be taking you to school and staying there to protect you." I nod my head and walk out the door and get in the car. On the way to school a part of me was warming up to the idea of being the white wolf. The power and the strength the white wolf is suppose to have is enough to make the meanest Alpha ever piss himself! But that doesn't mean it would stop them, so for now it's my secret! I  Finally reach the school with Beta Carter and Sir Thomas up my ass! I rush to my class and find a seat and walks in Brett the jackass, Hey Bella, want to go have some fun in the janitor's closet? I have never felt so disgusted in my life!.."f**k off Brett"!! His eyes turn black and full of deviousness, "What a bitch.. you better watch your tone with me! I'm an Alpha and I will not be disrespected!" I got up out of my chair and in his face.."Little b***h, I'm an Alpha as well as to being my father's only child, you better respect me or you heart will be in my hands you little filthy bastard"! At that time Beta Carter and Sir Thomas walk in, Everything okay Bella? "oh, everything is fine boys nothing I can't handle, little b***h here has his tail between his legs being a good doggy now!" Finally the bell rings and I get the hell out of dodge before my friends start questioning me about my wolf and before Beta Carter and Sir Thomas spot me. I sprint through the back of the school and out the back door and into the forest to enjoy some fresh air without everyone up my ass. I sit on a huge rock taking in the dew, wildlife and breeze just flowing through my long blonde hair. As I'm sitting there I can feel this burn through my body and short after some pain increasing as every second goes by,  my bones start cracking and I instantly fall to the ground with screams coming from my lips, wishing this pain would go away. Eventually the pain starts to decline and I get up and walk over to the little river to get some water to only realize after looking in the water that I am the "White Wolf"! I have baby blue eyes, the purest white of fur, very large in stature and my wolf's name is Cyan. Kinda strange considering our Pack name is "Cyan Crescent Moon Pack"! I lay beside the river awhile taking in the beauty of my wolf and enjoying the fresh breeze until I hear my wolf talk...Bella? Yes, Cyan? There is something I should tell you! I look up to the sky praying to the moon goddess for no more bad news but that was cut short when some noises came from the bushes. Bella?
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