It’s starting…

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As I opened the bathroom door, I looked around to see the room in a new light. Observing the effort that had been made on my behalf was suddenly overwhelming. The smiles on everyone’s faces, the laughter of the wives letting loose in the kitchen and my dads friends beaming with pride on his behalf whenever they caught a glimpse of me. It was a feeling of belonging, of never having to query my place in the pack. Looking at life through fresh eyes would be the best thing to come out of this birthday, not forgetting my beautiful necklace that is. Stepping out amongst the party goers I made my way to the kitchen. There stood the Raven haired Ellie in a stunning strapless floor length red crushed velvet dress and Luna Mae in a white silk fitted dress, paired with her signature red lip combo that seemed to compliment her Auburn curls perfectly. I caught their attention as I approached due to my heels tapping noisily on the tiled floor. Simultaneously I had both sets of eyes on my neck looking at the shiny new accessory. ‘Oh darling, you’re wearing your mothers necklace!’ Luna Mae had such a regal tone to her voice, yet to me the fondness she displayed was so so warm. Ellie dabbed a small tear that had tried to escape, whilst taking a deep breath and smiling. ‘Yes, isn’t it stunning? I’m never taking it off! It really has been the best birthday.’ gesturing to the party that seemed to be getting busier by the hour! ‘I can not thank you enough, both of you!’ Seriously, the whole pack is here! ‘Enjoy every minute Stella, you deserve this night.’ Ellie meant what she said, her heart was pure and she was the perfect mother figure to me, I looked up to her so much. Luna Mae too, they always lead by example and owned every decision they made. They are the main reason I wanted to change my mind set. I was so fortunate to have these two incredible female role models in my life, I wanted to make them proud of me. After what seemed like an eternity of dancing and mingling amongst the guests I needed to sit down. My feet were on fire in these damn heels! God they looked good though, they were totally worth it! With not a seat to be had, I made my way down the hall towards the study. Taking a seat on the large brown chesterfield. Raising my left foot to unbuckle the fine black strap around my ankle, I removed the shoe and rubbed my foot. Bliss! Lifting my right leg I reached toward my ankle, the buckle was much stiffer on this side ‘damn shoe!’ Not that arguing with a stiletto would achieve a better outcome but my frustration was getting the better of me. ‘Need a hand?’ A tall dark figure in a Navy suit and black shirt made his way toward me now kneeling at my waving foot. He took it in his left hand wrapping his warm fingers around the back of my ankle as the other hand gently dealt with the troublesome buckle. Axel didn’t smell like his usual self. Wether it was my new found attitude or my coming of age but I’d never really looked at him like this before, he was always a good looking guy but did his jaw always have those edges? He noticed the air had changed too and as his gaze rose to meet mine, his hand lightly stroked up the back of my calf whilst his other helped my now bare foot touch the ground. He definitely noticed something. It wasn’t quite a spark, more a light tingle that shot to my downstairs area. Hmmm, what was that? He took both my hands and we stood together. Without the shoes he towered me, my face was level with his chest and I could hear his heartbeat increase. ‘Thanks, I um…’ I couldn’t look away from his eyes. Why couldn’t I get a word out of my mouth? Why was my mouth gaping wide open? ‘Anytime. You look incredible this evening Stella.’ His voice was different too. Deeper and more smooth, his words came out like silk. ‘You shouldn’t hide in here, let them see you like I see you.’ Axel raised his chin whilst maintaining my gaze. ‘What way do you see me? I am exactly the same as I was yesterday?’ I hadn’t told anyone about my new positive mental attitude so I know it wasn’t that. It was rumoured that he had a crush on me but he always brushed it off and was nonchalant when it was mentioned. It made sense now. A slow shake of the head and a half step closer to my front, Axels smooth voice slowly released the words ‘Stella, Stella, Stella…’. My chest was now pressed against his torso and as he looked down towards my now plump cleavage a grin covered his face, leaning in to kiss me. Kiss me!!! I turned my head slightly and Axels lips met my cheek, although he removed them from my cheek he remained in place until I turned back to face him. One kiss wouldn’t hurt would it? I’ve kissed loads of guys before at party’s. It’s my 18th I can do what I like, it will just be a little fun. As I met his lips my breathing started to increase and Axels hands let go of mine to cup my face. Oh this was good, this was really good. It was slow and progressing passionately, his lips were so soft and I started to feel hot, really hot! I needed to stop right now before this goes too far. Pulling away from his kiss was tough as I really didn’t want to. I suddenly felt dizzy, like I was going to pass out, my heart rate increased and my head felt heavy. I was soo damn hot! What the hell did he do to me?? My eyes suddenly glazed over and I could feel myself falling down. In slow motion the background noise had muffled, I lost all sense of gravity and all went black. When I finally managed to open my eyes I was no longer in the study and Axel was not the one sitting beside me. ‘She’s awake!!!’ Barron shouted out. I was in my bedroom, the familiar white walls surrounded me as Barron checked my temperature. ‘Jesus Stella, it’s a good thing Axel found you, you gave us quite the scare!’ Barron looked like a rabbit in the headlights. Taking on a rival pack or advising on financial investments he’s your man but playing nurse was not on his resume. He was so awkward when it came to comforting anyone, it was adorable really. Ellie rushed though the door to relieve Barron from my side. ‘She could burn the damn forest with that temperature El!’ She rolled her eyes at him and shooed him away. Her attention then focused on me. ‘Darling I know it’s a couple of days early but…’ she hesitated. ‘It’s starting.’
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