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The fire that ripped through my body was intense and unbearable. No longer in my stunning green dress but a loose fitting night dress, I was overcome with fear. Sweating profusely, my heart was rapid and my breathing unsteady. I knew my wolf would come before the observance but it’s not supposed to be this painful. Is it? Even Ava was concerned, without the words leaving her lips I could read her face. No matter how hard she tried not to show her worry. When Ava’s wolf appeared 3 years ago she handled it like a pro. She barely broke a sweat and looked like she was calmly breathing through it like she was at some kind of yoga session. The way her wolf entered the world was the way she handled life, with grace and dignity as though she knew she was meant to be Luna one day. Like Ellie and Mae, Ava was a true role model to me, guiding me through womanhood with ease. It had been nearly 48 hours that my insides had been rearranging themselves when my wolf finally broke free. ‘Hi I am Amara’ her cool calm voice gracing my mind. ‘You didn’t need to fight me Stella, everything is ok now, I’m here’. ‘That was intense Amara, it’s good to finally hear your voice’. The fatigue in my muscles throbbed but it was definitely subsiding. Amara didn’t feel foreign to me at all, it was like she was a part of me that lay dormant inside. I think she is the part of myself I have been searching for. Could my wolf be the whole reason for being a so called blessing?? Wether she is or isn’t, I’m glad to have her within me. There was a knock at my bedroom door. Axel finally came to visit me to check I was ok. His dark brown hair tousled perfectly upon his his head. He was wearing black joggers and light grey tight T-shirt. Every time I asked about him during my ‘transitioning’ phase, I was told he either had his head in a book or was training with Silas. I guess as the future Beta to Silas’ Alpha, they are together a lot, but I really thought he would have shown up for me. Did he not realise how scary this has been for me?! ‘We need to talk…’ his voice could melt an ice burg, and that smell from my birthday was stronger. Like leather and sandalwood, his aura of masculinity made my stomach knot. ‘I knew we would be fated mates.’ His smile was much softer than the sexy grin he was wearing the last time we spoke and his dreamy big brown eyes gave a look deep enough to drown in. Amara let out her first soft howl within me which was returned by a low lingering groan. ‘My mate, I am Rafe.’ His voice entering the mind of Amara and I, Axels wolf was rather suave and inviting. She definitely approved of Rafe, and I of Axel. I was meant to be upset with him for not visiting damn it! ‘Mate..’ my smile widened as the soft whisper of a word left my lips. My mate has been with me for so long, under my nose. It makes perfect sense that we got on so well growing up together. We balanced each other perfectly like two sides of the same coin. As I lay upon the white sheets of my king bed, my temperature spiked once more. I gasped and then exhaled lightly trying to not look like a hot mess in front of my mate (wow that’s going to take some getting used to!) and fanned my face with my palms. Axel leaned over and placed the back of his hand upon my forehead. ‘Oh baby that’s just me..’ his lip mischievously curled. ‘A good sign I hope?’. I nodded back. That slight touch on my head sent a pulse running through my body. ‘Mate…’ I managed to get out. ‘One more sleep my Stella, and we never have to spend another night apart again’. He was referring to the Observance. It was a ritual amongst our people that occurred on the first full moon after a females 18th birthday. She stands in the forest clearing surrounded by all of the unmarked males of the pack, with a cry to the moon a fated match is found. I hear it is magnetic and all consuming! The fated are to consummate themselves to a lifetime together in the clearing before the moon disappears, marking each other to signify their bond. I wonder how many other girls will be there beside me. It hit me that however many there were going to be, they would see me have s*x for the first time ever!! Hopefully they will be concentrating on their own consummations to pay attention to me and Axel. I’m so glad I won’t have to search the crowd for my intended! ‘I can’t believe we still have to do it? It seems silly if we’ve already discovered each other!’ I whined rolling my eyes. ‘Surely we could know?’. Axels brows raised, his hand brushed my golden hair from my face and carried on by lightly stroking down the side of my face, down my neck, his fingers slowly making their way across my clavicle taking the strap of my vest from my shoulder. Outlining my breasts he gazed upon me with nothing but appreciation. I was frozen in place, what did he want to do to me. His aura filled the room. As his hand slipped down to my area he began to rub against the material of my underwear with enough pressure that my little pair of white French panties were already wet. He removed my underwear gently and parted my legs. I like how this is making me feel inside, his eyes on the most intimate part of my body was captivating. I wasn’t even shy about it! I guess this must be our inner wolves self assurance showing now. Our only focus was on each other. The sweet heat of my body was luring Axel closer and closer towards me. His handsome face and chiseled jawline descended between my legs, I could feel his hot breath on my bare lips. It seemed like an eternity that he was just hovering so closely to my opening whilst caressing and lightly squeezing my inner thighs. Suddenly a warm, wet rising sensation made my lower back arch. Holy f*****g god! ‘Your taste is to be my undoing Stella’ His tongue was relentless, long deep strokes followed by light flickering upon my bud, then he sucked on it slightly before circling with his mighty tongue once more. I had to throw my pillow across the room, it was too constricting as my neck reached backwards and my back arched higher and higher. Axels hands held my backside in the air as his tongue penetrated and massaged my inner walls. I was perfectly balanced on my shoulders and grounded to the bed with my feet pushing down into the mattress. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I gripped his hair and held him down into my womanhood. This was like nothing I’d ever felt before, I’ve touched myself to orgasm but someone else doing this to please me and hitting the right spot was immense and I was here for it. My mouth was dry from the shallow breaths I had been panting. I could hear Axel lapping up every part of me he could and his groans were vibrating up and into my body. A pool of hot wet pleasure spilled from my opening as he gripped me firmly. I was so sensitive but he wasn’t moving away from between my thighs, he just groaned louder sending waves of electricity up towards my breasts. Instinctively I moved one of my hands over my n*****s tweaking it into a frenzy. ‘Axel, I..’ ‘Not yet’ he mind linked. His face still hungrily buried into me. ‘Axel, I, I,’ I couldn’t breath. Not a moment later I had drawn enough air to hold my breath and release my bodily fluids into his mouth and around the lower half of his face. Quivering and pulsating upon his lips he lowered me back down onto the bed. My mouth was so dry, i didn’t know when I’d be able to breath again properly. Axel crawled over my body dripping my juices all over me. Seeing him so eager to please me was thrilling. I cannot wait to explore every s****l desire with this man, and I will certainly be returning the oral favour he has so gloriously performed for me! As his soaking face met mine, his lips parted my own so I could taste my own pleasure. Our tongues massaged against one another sensually and savouring. I licked the left over juices from his face attentively. ‘Just a taste Stella, tomorrow night the world will known your mine.’ What a devilish look that met my green eyes. A look I never wanted to turn away from. Amara pushed me to snuggle and I sensed Rafes protective claim of her. Tomorrow needs to hurry up!
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