It's Always Going To Be You (book 3)

first love
crown prince

After catching his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend, Tyler must accept the fact that the girl he thought was his mate is nothing but a liar trying to get the status of Queen. Now he has to open his eyes and realize that his mate had been right Infront of him the whole time. He has to get it together and be there to help her when danger comes knocking at her door. He is a part of a human/werewolf motorcycle club that will help him in the end. Follow the story of Tyler and Angel along with their crazy, but loving family.

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Tyler's p.o.v

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday and I get to finally mark Mari as mine. She turned 18 already and she says that we are mates. We have been dating for almost 6 months now. I was hesitant to make her my girlfriend at first, because my parents taught me to wait for my mate. They were actually very angry that I made Marissa my girlfriend. My parents told me their story from when they were young. Dad especially always tries to have private man-to-man conversations with me. The beast, Evan Stone, always tells me how important it is to wait for your mate. He didn't wait for my mom and it caused a lot of problems in their relationship. He had a crazy psycho ex-fling who hurt my mother. He always tells me how much he regret not waiting for his fated mate, mom My parents are what every mated couple wants to be. They are perfect. I look up to them. I always hoped to find my mate and be in love just like they are. I have always been over protective of 1 girl, but she is almost 4 years younger than I am. There's no way the moon goddess would pair me with someone so young. I think it's because I have no siblings and I see my cousins and my friends as siblings that I never had. That's why I am over protective of her. Yeah that's it.

I shower and get ready to go to Mari's house. We are meeting with my best friend Sammy later today to talk about us joining the Hell Angel's MC. Our other friend Finnick is already a member. Both Sammy and I turn 18 tomorrow and we can finally join. His dad is a part of it and we grew up loving bikes. Even dad has gotten into them throughout the years. He got a bike and has taught me to ride. Mom hates them, but it's something dad and I bond over whenever he has free time. We are also going to plan my birthday party. I decide to go to Mari's house earlier to spend some time with her alone. I keep trying to feel something more for her, but so far I don't even think I like her. She has been pushing me to have sëx, but I promised my parents I would wait to find my mate and I want to hold myself to that promise so tomorrow I can finally do it and hopefully then I start feeling something for her. I get ready quickly and go to Mari's house. Her dad is a lawyer here, so she lives near the castle. I get there and knock and her little sister let's me in. "Hey booger, where's Mari?" I ask and she shrugs. "I was in my room and mom and dad are at work" she says. I wink at her and go upstairs to surprise my girl. But instead I get surprised. I hear moaning coming from her room. The door is open just a tad bit, so I peak. Maybe she is watching porn or something. I am in shock as I watch my best friend having sëx with my girlfriend. I watch in horror as she moans his name and then they both lie on the bed. "That was great Sammuel", she tells him. "Mari. We can't keep doing this. We have to tell Tyler that we are mates. Why would you even lie to him and tell him he was your mate?" He asks her. "I already told you Sammuel, I will never accept you as my mate. I want to be the Queen. I can even keep you as a sëx slave. To pleasure me. You told me you love my pùśśy." She tells him. "Yeah Mari, but I hate lying to Tyler. He's my best friend and right now I am being a shìtty friend. He thinks you two are mates. The only reason I know we are mates is because I feel the tingles. Tomorrow will let me know for sure if I can smell your scent." He tells her. I slowly walk away from the room. They haven't heard me, so it's best that they don't know that I know. I go back home to talk to my father about all of this. I can't believe it. Marissa lied to me. She was going to play me. I decide to act like if I don't know and I text them both saying I have a family emergency and can't make it and that we will talk tomorrow. I go home and go straight for dad's office where, thankfully, both he and mom are there.

I am feeling a bit sad and upset. Sad because of Sammuel. We have been best friends since we were younger. He and my other best friend Finnick. I am upset that Marissa thought she could play me. What a bi+ch to want to be with me to become queen. I sit in the chair in front of his desk and sigh loudly. "What's wrong Tyler?" Mom asks me. "Something happened", I say and hold my hand out for my dad to grab it so I can show him and he can show mom. They have this crazy thing where he can see thoughts and show her. That's how connected those two are. Dad grabs my hand and sees what I just saw. He lets go and just stares at me with raised eyebrows. "See why I tell you things". He says and I nod. I should have listened. "Son, break up with her and just wait for your mate" he says. "Now as for Sammuel, just wait for tomorrow to see if they are truly mates. Maybe she lied to him too, although he says he feels the sparks so it sounds like those two are mates. At least he wants to tell you and not lose your friendship. She is putting him in a messed up position." Dad says. Mom doesn't say anything. She just stares at me. "Why don't we go over to the Luck's house? I miss my friend Angela. I also want to see Angel" she says with a huge smile on her face. "You would think she's your daughter." I tell mom who just laughs. "Oh son, if only you opened your eyes and truly saw what we see." She says and shakes her head. I frown. What does that mean? I accompany mom over to their house. At least I can hang out with Finnick and Eliana. On our way there, Marissa and Sammuel are standing by a tree near the coffee shop we pass and they call out to me. "Shìt" I say. "Watch your mouth" mom says. "Hi babe, Hi Mrs. Stone" Marissa says, and tries to hug me. I move and evade her hug. "Umm hey" I say not even wanting to look at them right now. The betrayal is still fresh. "I thought you had a family emergency" she asks. "Um, we do right mom. We are on our way to Finnick's house to deal with it." I say. She frowns. "Why are you going to their house? They aren't your family" Marissa says. I look over to my mom to get some help, but she just looks amused. "Look Marissa, I think we should just end our relationship here. I am not feeling this anymore." I tell her. She has the audacity to look upset. "What the fùčk Tyler, why? We are mates, I already told you. It's because of her isn't it?" She yells at me. "What? Who? What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with anybody. I just don't feel a bond with you. We can wait until tomorrow and go from there" I say. "It is her. Isn't it. I see the way you look at her and the way you defend her. She's a little girl Tyler. What the fùck. You need a woman like me to be by your side" she tells me. Mom snorts. Yeah right. I think to myself. Someone greedy like her to be sleeping around and lying. Fùčk that. "This is between you and me Marissa and I'm just not feeling it okay, see you guys around" I say and put my arm around mom's shoulder and we walk away. "I'm proud of you you know." Mom says and I nod. My parents have always made me feel like they are proud of me. "So did you decide if you are going away for Lycan training afterall?" She asks me. "Yeah, I need a distraction. I don't want to be near Mari, even though I have a feeling she will show up there." I tell mom. "Well with the new location, you can come and go everyday to training and you can join your biker crew so you wont have to see her much." she says I nod. She stays quiet, but I know mom, she wants to say something. "Honey, I have a feeling that tomorrow you will find your true mate, so you have to tell me right now if you are going to keep the promise you made dad and I about waiting for her? or at least not do things that will hurt her." She asks me. "Mom, right now I feel hurt and betrayed, the last thing I want to think about is a mate. It would be best if I didn't even have one." I tell her. She looks sad at my answer, but just smiles at me. "Take it slow son, you have time." She says and we get to the Luck's house and we knock. Angel opens the door and she looks at me with her big beautiful eyes. "Hi Queen Vivi, Hi Hunter" she says and bows to us. I hate it when she does that. Not calls me Hunter. I love that. I told her to years ago when I told her my whole name and she said she loves the name Hunter. She is the only person who is allowed to. Everyone else has to call me Tyler or Prince Tyler. I call her Gwinny because her middle name is Gwinnith. When we were younger, I would also tell her she was my lucky angel since her last name is luck and first name Angel. I have always thought that her name is perfect. I just hate it that she bows to us and is so proper and uses our titles. Her mom taught them to be that way, although Finnick and Eliana don't really do it anymore unless she is around. I also stopped coming around when Mari became my girlfriend. She is very jealous of Angel. I tried to tell her not to be, but she always got mad when Angel was around. She would say mean things to her so I just stopped coming over here. Now I regret it because their neighbor comes to the door behind her and says hi and asks her to return to what they are doing. Why do I feel jealous of the attention he is getting from her? I run my hands down my face. I am just tired of this day. We go inside and mom goes over to her friend and I see Eli and Sebas on the couch. They are mates. Eli recently turned 18 a couple of months ago. Sebas knew since he turned 18, but he didn't tell her. He waited for her and now they are so in love. He is always over here, because their house is not ready yet. He is building her a brand new house. "Hey guys" I say and sit on the couch. "Hey" they both say. I tell them what happened and Eli laughs. "I told you not to date her" she says. She has always hated Marissa, especially with how she treats Angel. I guess everyone was right.

Vivi's p.o.v

"Goddess Viviana, Something is wrong with my mate. Henry doesn't come home every night and when he does he smells different. I haven't felt cheating sëx pains, but I have felt little stings. Something is definitely wrong and I don't know what to do." My best friend Angela tells me. "I'm so sorry dear, talk to him and just ask him to be honest." I tell her. "Yes, I am going to do that today after dinner I will put the kids to sleep and get to the bottom of it." She sighs like she has the world on her shoulders. "He started acting different when he got that new secretary. She's young and hot. What if he likes her Vivi? I can't compete with her. I'm old and ugly" she tells me and I frown. "There's no comparison, Ang, you are the mother of his children and you are gorgeous. Just talk to him tonight and go from there. Think positive. Whatever happens, you know Evan and I will always be here for you and the kids. Especially my sweet girl." I tell her. I look around and make sure no-one is listening. "Tyler turns 18 tomorrow." I tell her and wiggle my eyebrows. "Vivi, maybe she isn't his mate" she tells me. "They are. He claimed her when he was just 3." I tell her. "No way, he just thought she was a doll and he wanted to hold her." She says laughing. "We'll see" I tell her. "They are mates" my wolf Hunter tells me. I look over to where my son is and notice that he is glaring at the next door neighbor's boy. It has to be because he is jealous that he is getting Angel's attention. I laugh internally. That's what he gets for dating that horrible girl. She reminds me of Layla. It's been years that she isn't brought up, but this little girl acts just like she would act. Horrible, just horrible. My son needs a kind mate. Plus, he is going to join that motorcycle crew and he needs someone to keep him in check and Angel will be the right person.

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