The one with the Italian Breakfast

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"Look, Max! The point is she was calling for me because she couldn't get in touch with you. And Ivan was gunned down. Just let her stay here, while you sort out your issues. You know she will be safer here, rather than at her apartment." "f**k it, Leo! I know you f*****g want her. But she's mine. And she's carrying my child. She already had my ring on her finger. She's my damn responsibility!" "I don't care if she's your f*****g wife already. Yes, I want her! I care about her, that's why I'm offering you this! For once think about her! THINK about her safety! If she's really yours, then she will get back to you. Think about who will better protect her, than the person that cares about her!" I felt guilty listening in on their argument. But I woke up in a luxurious-looking bedroom with plush pillows and bedsheets. Must be Leonardo's. I decided to get out of the room. Conversations were cut off. They both looked at me. Then Max, quickly walked to me, while Leonardo took a seat, and continue drinking smiling smugly at me. "Em baby, how are you feeling?" He kissed me taking me in his embrace, while I take in his warmth. "Better. Thank you. Why can't I call you earlier, and how's Ivan?" My tears threatening to fall. "Ivan will survive, he lost a lot of blood but the doctor is confident he'll make it alive. I'm sorry, but I was with Nikko, Anischka was kidnapped. He is still looking for her, I should be looking too. But I need to make sure both of you are okay?" I put my head on his chest. Knowing that I will have to let him go again. He has to find Anischka. She seemed like a nice person. She even apologized for coming between us. I gave him a goodbye kiss. "You should go. You should find her. I will be fine. We will be fine. I'll text you if I can't call you. Just promise me that you will be careful?" I touched his jaw with my palm, as he leaned in towards me for a kiss and smiled. "I will, I promise. I will check on you tonight okay? Leo will keep you safe." He kissed me one last time, making me blushed in front of Leonardo. "Leo, I owe you for this. Please take good care of them." Leo just nods then Max left through the front door. "So, now that I got both of you alone! What do you want to do? How about dinner and a movie? Do you want to take a shower first? Max will get your stuff delivered in a couple of hours. You can use my shirts?" He winked at me trying to look playful. But I know he's trying to make me forget about this afternoon incident. "Thank you, Leonardo. Thank you for coming to get me this afternoon." I tried to smile but my tears fall again. He quickly comes and gives me a hug.  "Sorry, hormones." "'s all good with me. So? Movie? Or take a shower first? And my shirt second?" I laughed at him, saying I would like to take a shower first and clean everything off of me. ******* I woke up the next morning with the urge to vomit. I was seating down on the bathroom floor. When Leonardo found me and helped me get up. "Come now Emilie, let's get you some breakfast and take baby pills. Max had them delivered with the rest of your stuff last night." He ushered me to the kitchen, where his maid already laid out our breakfast. We talk and laugh about small things during breakfast. Until I see a beautiful woman walking our way. "Leo my child, I thought I heard you laughing? I'm just making sure I'm not dreaming. Oh...Who might this be?" Leo was up to his feet, greeting and kissing her cheek. "Mother, meet Emilie. She's my friend. She's in a little bit of trouble with her Russian friend. Emilie, this is my mom." I stood up and offer her my hand but she pulled me in for a hug instead. "Oh darling, anyone that can make my boy laugh in this very early morning, deserves a hug. So, can I join you two lovebirds for breakfast? Or is this a private one?" She smiled sweetly at me. I was blushing deep deep red at her. Leonardo was amused seeing me blushed. But he pulled out a chair for his mom, and invite her to sit and have breakfast with us. Without telling her the real reason why I'm at his place, we eat our breakfast in a convenient conversation full of laughter. Until I smell the lasagna that the maid was taking it out from the oven. Baby definitely doesn't like Italian food. My whole breakfast threatens to come out. That's when I quickly excused myself from the dining table. Leonardo said something in Italian to his mom, then he quickly followed me. I managed to keep my breakfast down when I decided to get to the patio for some fresh air. Leonardo put his hand on my shoulder, comforting me. Feeling that I'm not resisting him. He pulled me closer to him, to rest my head on his chest. I sighed, taking in his warmth, his comfort. I was feeling tired, I need to recharge. "Hey, are you sure you're okay?" Leonardo turned me around to face him. I just nod and rest my cheek on his chest, wrapping my arms around his body, he sighed and hugged me closer to him and kissing the top of my head. "I will be, just hold me for a while longer." We stayed that way for another ten minutes. Then I peeled myself off of him. And that's when he lifted my face and lowered his lips to mine. His hand took the side of my face and kissed me slowly. Feeling me, tasting me, slowing opening my mouth and pushed his tongue. He slowly whispers my name. "Leonardo, I can't. I love Maxim. I'm having his baby. Please." "Ssh... I know Emilie, I just can resist myself. I'm sorry. It's my fault. You're my weakness." He kissed my temple and finally let me go. I blushed then ran to the safety of my room, well his room. I kept on holding on to Max's ring. Damn you, Max! Why can't you be with me? I finally broke down and let my tears fall down. ************** Ken: Patience Barbie. And tell the author to stop Leo from kissing you!  Angelica: Oh My God! Ivan is good, he'll survive!
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