The one with the Mafia BFF

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"Now that I've got my ring on you let's get some f*****g down Barbie. God, I've missed you so much." He carried me to my bedroom, making me giggled like a schoolgirl. The giggles turn to moans as he started kissing the crook of my neck down to my shoulder, and slowly trails his hands all over my body. "Maxim, more please..." "Sshh...Barbie, I want to make this last forever. Cause it's never going to be enough with you. You make me all emotional, I just wanted to give my all to you." His words made me whimper under him. He started stripping me and then himself while staring longingly at me then his eyes went lower as he starts lowering himself to me. I basked in his scent, inhaling him like a pervert. "I miss you, Ken, I miss your smell, your weight on top of me, your kisses..." I moaned closing my eyes, heighten my senses, feeling him on top of me. He groaned and crashed his lips to mine, hard but gentle at the same time. His hands wandered to my breasts. "It's bigger, fuller, more supple Barbie. I'm definitely liking this pregnancy body." He moaned as he lowers his kisses, and latched on to my n****e while he caressed the other one. "Max, babe...more." I arched my back for more friction. I needed more. Grabbing his hair, pulling him closer. I can feel his d**k harden between my legs. I opened my legs wider for him, squirming in anticipation of what was happening next. "f*****g hell Em. You're so f*****g wet for me. You are coming in my mouth baby." He was going down on me smirking, as I shivered waiting for him. "Damn it, Ken! f**k yes!" I was spread roughly by him, as he eagerly stayed between my legs, tasting me, as I screamed and moaned his name. I come hard in his mouth, but he kept me still, taking me higher to another climax, I was about to come as he backed away, and thrust himself in me hard and rough. He's groaning above me, closing his eyes trying to hold himself from coming too soon. His jaw clenched as his hands gripped my waist, keeping me still. Then he moves faster and pounds harder in me. He palmed my ass cheek with both hands and squeezed them hard as he pushed harder in and out of me. He kept on doing this until he pulled out, and hold his length. He told me to get up and rest my hands on the headboard, while he f***s me from behind. Fuck yes!! His palm on my neck, his other hand touching my s*x, while he thrust in and out of me. I clenched him hard in me, telling him that I'm coming. Telling him to go fast and hard. I finally came, bucking wild under him as he kept on f*****g me and came in me seconds later, as he sucked my neck marking me. "f**k Em! Come rest now. I still want more of you." We had s*x again that night, I wasn't even counting how many times I've climax already. It was four in the morning when he decided to leave me. Said that he can't be seen leaving my apartment in the morning. He was afraid that someone was watching. It was safer for me. He needed me and the baby to be safe. "Hey there little guy, I need you to take care of mommy for me okay? Don't give her too much trouble when I'm away. I'm going to miss both of you. I will be back soon. I promise." He talked to my nonexistent baby bump. Making my eyes watered. "So you know it's a boy now?" I tried to smile at him but my tears still fall, didn't want to let him leave. "Hey Barbie, don't cry...of course it's a boy. But I wouldn't mind having a little princess also. Hell, I wouldn't mind having both if it's with you. We should make as many as we can to fill the house." He grinned at me, caressing my belly. I smile looking at him, as he takes in his fatherhood role seriously and talking to his unborn son again. Then he finally left us as he gave me one last lingering kiss, and told me to sleep, and that he will let himself out and let Ivan back in the apartment to guard me. ******** I was leaving for work and going grocery shopping when I felt a gun on my back. My eyes wildly searching for Ivan. He's nowhere to be seen. Shit!s**t!s**t! Did he get hurt? f**k! Did someone kill him? Then I saw him lying face down on the floor next to my aisle, blood pooling above his shoulder. The gunman behind me was talking to his partner upfront. He looked young and smaller than Ivan. Maybe I could kick his balls, like in the movies. In the f*****g broad daylight. s**t! I thought I was safe. I finally saw my chance. It's now or never. Hell, Ivan may even be dead. I've got nothing to lose. I'm next. Got to save the baby. I grabbed a wine bottle from the rack and smashed it to his head. I quickly ran to the back of the grocery store. Not looking back, I could hear a gunshot and felt wind passing near my ear. Shit! Was that a bullet? f**k!! I keep on running until my lungs start to burn. I'm feeling the adrenaline. I run through the back office, then close the door and put a heavy chair on it. I quickly search another exit door and run outside of the grocery store. I keep on running, I don't know where. I know I can't go out in the open. There are his friends, they might get me. So I keep on running until I find myself in an alley. I try to open every door until I find, one open door and get in the dark building. I'm trying to find something to hold them out, as I found an old filing cabinet and pushed it to the door. Crap! I can hear the ruckus outside the door. "Come out you b***h! You f*****g hit me in the head! You're going to pay for this. f*****g open the door NOW!" I can hear him roaring on the outside. My hands are trembling. I search for my phone. I quickly dialed Max's but he didn't pick up. s**t! I couldn't call the cops. Max might get in trouble. I can hear the door being pushed from the outside. I quickly decided to call Leonardo. "Well, I never thought I will..." "Help. Help me, Leonardo. I'm at f**k! I don't know where I'm at. I can't get a hold of Max, and Ivan I think he's shot." I was sobbing on the phone, not knowing what to do. "s**t! Ok, Emilie. Listen to me take a deep breath. I'm walking to my car now and gathering my guys. Look, did Max ever give you, anything that you will not leave behind. I'm tracking your phone as we speak. But I need something else. The signal is not strong enough. You're inside a building yes?" "Yeah, I don't know which building. I was running away from them. Ring! Max gave me an engagement ring." Then I went silent. "Em...right, okay. Let's get you into safety first. I'm going to get my guy, to crack the code then we will get to you. We're nearing the signal from your phone. Just keep talking to me okay?" I'm shaking and sobbing, while Leonardo keeps telling me to keep calm. "f*****g open the door you b***h! Guys! Hurry she's behind this door, give me a hand will you! Hurry the cops will be here any moment." I cried hard, palming my own mouth. Trying to muffled my cries. More men are trying to pry the door opened. I hid under the stairs, trying to make myself invincible. But then I heard gunshots. Minutes later there was silence. "Emilie? You're safe. I'm at the door. We're coming in okay? Where are you?" "Stairs, under the stairs." I was spent. All the adrenaline is gone. I was lifeless. He hugged me, and I let him. I just cried. "Max, I want Max." That was the last thing I said until it all went dark. ************ Amanda: Oh my god! That was one very intense chapter! Angelica: Ivan!!! Goddamn, it author! What did you do to my Ivan?? :((
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