The one with The Big Reveal

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This is the second book of The Mafia series, it is not a stand-alone. You will need to read the First book The Mafia Entanglement to understand this book.  1. The Mafia Entanglement 2. Between the Mafias 3. Romancing the Mafia 4. The Mafia Bride 5. My Possessive Mafia ********* He was silent. Then finally said. "I will pick you up, we will talk about this in person. I'll be there in fifteen minutes." I decided to take a quick shower, he can wait for me. I felt so tired suddenly and needed to freshen up. I never have this much emotional roller coaster in the last couple of days. I quickly get dressed, but I'm not feeling it. I don't want to go out... I get out of my room. Max is already there, he's talking to Amber, then he looked at me. I started walking to him, as he closed in our gap, and finally hugged me tightly. I take in his warmth, suddenly feels safe in his arms. "I miss you so much, Emilie. I love you. Why aren't you dressed? Do you want to stay in instead?" He asked me looking worried. "Yeah, I'm tired. Do you mind? We could just order in." "Maybe you should stay in, we will leave you two alone, come Celia you can join us for a girls night and give them some privacy," Amber suggested, I said my goodbyes to the girls and thanked them for today, and told them that I will text later. Ivan followed the girls and wait outside of the apartment. "I'm sorry we can't meet at my place. Anischka is staying there. It's a complete mess from my father's side. I'm still working on it. In the meantime, I'm staying at a hotel. I just couldn't face her. God Em! We should be happy. You're pregnant, I should be marrying you!" He took my hand and kissed it. I brushed away his suggestive proposal. I just don't care anymore. I just want him to stay with me forever. "I missed you, Max. I didn't realize that I'm pregnant until Amber questioned me after I wasted my lunch on the toilet this afternoon. I was going to wait for you. But now, I don't know if I can do this without you, Max." He stroked my jaw and lower his lips to mine. His kiss was soft and loving. He ordered us pasta and pizza. I'm really not in any mood for dinner. But I have to eat for the baby's sake. "We will make it through this. I love you. I believe in us. We will be together Emilie. Our child will have my name, I won't have it any other way." He told me and continued his words. I got him a glass of whiskey, looked like he needed it, and water for me. I joined him on the sofa, as he pulled me to his chest. I miss this. "My father owned a personal debt with Anischka's father, now he's claiming it as he needs protection for his family. Another raising Russian mafia family is gunning each member of his family. His daughter is the only one left. So I need to eliminate his enemy, then I can be free of her. There's not a set date for the wedding. They know that she's under my protection, and she's safe for now. I'm doing this, as fast as I can Emilie." "Max, I need you to be safe. For me, for the baby. I'm not liking this situation." I'm truly scared for his life now. I know that this is his livelihood. But still... The food came, the cheesy smell suddenly triggered my urge to throw up. Looks like no cheese then. Max called Ivan to take the food away and told him to get us some Chinese instead. "One thing for sure, the baby doesn't like Italian food." He grinned at me, making me laughed. We were watching TV when Ivan came. He dismissed himself after dropping us the Chinese food. I slowly eat the chicken porridge. It's acceptable, I smile. Chinese it is then, little one. "What?" "Baby like Chinese. This afternoon we were having steaks and it all went down the toilet." I laughed, he smiled looking at me. "I missed this Barbie. I missed us." He fed me the chicken dumplings, and I shook my head up and down, telling him with my full mouth to put all his dumplings to my plate. "Baby like, baby wants more. Baby want chilies with that." He laughed and kiss the top of my head. He's giving me all his dumplings, to my plate, and add some chilies on top. I moaned. "Oh my god!! I've been struggling for days. Couldn't get any food down. Thank you for ordering this Ken. I know you're good for something." He pecked my cheek, fed me more dumplings, and took me to his embrace. "We should just elope, and live happily ever after. But I'm worried about Anischka. Her father is one ruthless bastard, to make her go through all this. I should smack his head, and be done with it." We finished with our dinner. Max is tidying up, while I make him some coffee. I haven't felt this relaxed in days. But in the back of my mind, I know, that he will be gone in a couple of hours. But I will cherish this moment, for as long as I can. "Come here Barbie. So, I've been holding on to this since we get back from our last island getaway. I've been waiting for the right moment. But it's all over the place now...and I was hoping to give you in a more romantic setting, but now that you're pregnant... Please take this as my promise, to one day marry you. I need to be sure that you will wait for me. Please, Emilie. Marry me and have this baby with me. I love you, you know I do." He's on his knees while I'm resting my back, on the kitchen counter. My tears start to flow. "Happy tears Ken. Yes. Yes, I will. I love you too." He put on the ring for me. "I don't care what my father said. You have my heart, and my love Barbie and you're carrying our baby. I will marry you. I'm just going to help Anischka first because she's a woman, and she's in a tough spot. Ivan will make sure you are safe. I might not be reachable from time to time, but you can check with Ivan, he knows how to contact me, in case there's an emergency." Must be the hormones. I'm so happy my tears fall down my cheeks as he kissed it all away. ************ Angelica: Just click on the follow button okay... so much emotion in chapter one. Ivan: Ange babe, you need to calm down.
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