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Since she was born, he always felt protective of her. Her gorgeous green eyes make his heart ache in a good way. She is his princess. His everything. She is the princess literally. But one boy made her feel like a queen. He made her feel protected, safe. His chocolate colored eyes make her feel mushy all over. Two hearts and soul beats for each other. But there is one thing in between them. They were siblings. A lot of years had passed since Camille was crowned Queen, and a lot has changed. Alpha Liam was dubbed as the Alpha Lord. He's the leader of all high alphas of the seven continents. He is also a part of the council. Lucas was made a part of the council as well. Since he's one of the eldest vampires around, and he's a royal fledgling. A lot of other species rose from the shadows as the dawn of the royals arises. Faeries, elves, and other spiritual races pledged their allegiance to the queen. Shifters of different types slowly became known. Tribes of were cats gained territories in the mountains. As well as others. The queen made sure that everyone lived in peace and good life. Even how hard the royals try to rule in peace there will always be darkness lurking around. How can the royals, and the queen deal with them when, her own children has problems of their own?
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