They're twelve!

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Alex(@15 y/o) I've been brooding since this late afternoon, and it’s already late at night! Apparently, this boy from school took my sister for coffee. Heck! They're f*****g 12 years old!! That age doesn't go for coffee!! I'm pacing back and forth in the castle's family room. I felt agitated. I can't sit still. I felt a strange warm sensation at the button of my stomach. Like lava slowly boiling and rising inside a volcano. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?” I stopped pacing and looked up to my beautiful mother. She's near her first millennium but she doesn't look a day older than 22. I smiled at her. "Nothing mom." I said. Years have passed and yet I'm still thankful because she took me in. She and the alpha adopted me, an orphaned pup. They cared and loved me like their own. "You've been pacing there and brooding since this late afternoon when Zab left." She said crossing her arms over her chest. I scowled when I remembered the issue with my sister. "Zab is with a boy from school! Its late and they're still not here!!" I snapped. My mom's mouth formed an 'O'. "The boy took her to have coffee! Come on! They're 12! Who goes to have coffee at that age! And look at the time! “I said exasperatedly. My mom sighed. "I understand that you're protective of your sister. But you have to understand that she's trying to learn and discover things. "she said. "But she's too young to date!" I said throwing my hands in the air. "Who went in a date?" My mom and I whipped our heads towards dad with a clear scowl in his face. The twin's arm on both of his hands. And by the look of my 10 year old brothers, they did something again. Both of them are scared of dad. Well, he's the big bad alpha anyway. I continued to scowl and answered him. "Zab went out to have coffee with a boy from school. And she's not home yet." I saw my dad's eye twitched. He let go of the twins arm. "What did you just say?" Mom rolled her eyes and said. "You heard the boy. Your daughter's out with a boy to have coffee!" "She's too young to go out with a boy! She's 12 for crying out loud!! Who goes to have coffee at that age?!! And it’s f*****g late!!" Dad growled. "It was not a date okay. Besides Joshen, Brian and Chelsea are with them. With some guards. I'm pretty sure that's enough to have our daughter protected." Mom reasoned. "But mom-" she cut me off. "Not a word Alex. Enough. Let your sister explore without you constantly breathing down her neck. I know it’s already late. But she texted me earlier. The car broke down, but they're on their way home." She said in a stern voice. I looked down. "Yes mom.” "And you!" Mom turned to dad who gulped. "Enough with the growling. Let Zab do things on her own. Take the twins upstairs." She said. Like a switch, dad turned back to the twins. "Your room! Now!" The twins scurried towards their room with dad behind them. I sighed and felt mom patted my shoulders. "Easy Alex. Why don't we plan your birthday instead?” she suggested. Oh yeah. My birthday's in a week. And mom wanted to throw a party. I'm turning 16, and I'll be able to shift for the first time. Sometimes when I'm scared or angry, I can feel my wolf trying to claw his way out. Like he wanted to make himself known. "I don't want a party mom. Let's just have dinner." I said. "But you'll only turn 16 once. I want it o be memorable." She whined. I chuckled. "Of course it'll be memorable. I'll be able to shift for the first time. No need for a party." I told her. Mom pouted. "Fine. Just tell me if you change your mind. I'll just check up on the twins." "No I won't.” She narrowed her eyes before leaving. I sighed and took a seat on the couch. Even with mom's reassurance, I'm still worried of her. I can't stand it when she's not with me. Especially when there are other boys around her. It drives me crazy. I like being around her. I felt calm and relaxed. "Why are you brooding?" My heart skipped a beat when I heard her sweet voice. I looked up and there she was standing in front of me. God. She looks so beautiful even in a simple jeans and sweatshirt. I don't know what compelled me to do it but I did. I stood up and pulled her in tight hug, my nose buried in her hair. Inhaling her scent. Jasmine and lemon. I even thought I heard purring inside my head. "What's wrong with you?" She asked. I pulled away and looked in her eyes. The eyes that made me weak on my knees. Her scent is just overwhelming, I just want to smell her while she's in my arms. My heart rapidly beat when my gaze fell in her pink lips. It made me want to kiss her so bad. Wait, what? What am I thinking? She's my sister! My baby sister whom I swore to protect from danger and boys! "Uhm, how was your coffee?" I asked her, taking a few steps back. Trying so hard to stop myself from pulling her into my arms again. She huffed and sits on the couch. "Greg's an asshole. He wanted me to kiss him." She said. "What?!!" I growled. How dare that pup?!! "You heard me. He wanted me to kiss him. But of course I didn't let him. He said I'm a prude." I growled again, my jaw clenched my fist curled into a ball. Red. That's all I see. I also heard growling inside my head. Zab noticed that she stood up and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Don't worry. Joshen took care of him. He punched him. Please calm down." She said softly. "No! I'm gonna kill him!! He can't do that to you!!" Zab gasped when she looked at my eyes. She took a step back. I began to hear someone constantly growling inside my head. And it’s chanting repeatedly. 'Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!' "He can't have you!! You're mine!! Mine!!" I growled with so much intensity, that at the same time the windows exploded. I heard a scream before everything went dark. *O*
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