True Ancestry

893 Words
Alex I groaned when I slowly opened my eyes. Why did I felt like I've been ran over by a truck? What the f**k just happened? I slowly got up in a sitting position. I had my back resting in the headboard. I looked around and noticed that I'm in my room. What happened? All I remember was waiting for Zab. Zab! Where is she? Then the door opened and mom walked in. "You're awake!" She gasped. She looked worried, and like she hasn’t had any sleep at all. She ran towards me with her incredible speed. She pulled me to her arms. "Oh god! I'm so glad you're awake!" She said. She pulled away and then she looked at me. "How are you feeling?" She asked. I furrowed my eyebrows and answered. "Fine. Except I feel like I've been ran over by a truck. My body hurts. What happened?" She gasped. "What's the last thing you remembered?" She asked. "Talking to you about the party? Why? What happened? Where's Zab? Is she okay?" She shook her head and rubbed my arm. "Zab is fine. Your father grounded her since she came home late. So she'll just be in her room for a week." She paused. "Are you sure that's all you remember?" She asked. I nodded, still curious about her. "Why mom?" "Sweetie, you shifted." She said. My eyes widened. "What?! I can't have shifted last night! It’s not yet my birthday!" I frantically said. "Well yeah. But Alex, no one really knew your real birthday. The pack's social services just made up the date for records. And, you were out for two days." She said. I gaped at her. My birthday was not my real birthday. And I was unconscious for two days! "There is something else you need to know." I looked at her. "It is much better if we tell you together with the council." She said. The council? Is it that bad that the council needed to be present as well? "Why don't you take a nice shower, get dressed. I'll send you some food, then you can go straight to my office." She said and stood up. I nodded and she left. I sighed and got up from Bed and went inside my bathroom. After I got dressed, I ate the food mom sent for me. Once I am full, I left my room to go to mom's office. All the way there I felt nervous. What if I did something bad while I shifted? What if I hurt Zab?! Oh god! No! I was preoccupied with my thoughts that I don't notice that I am already standing outside mom's office. I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard her said 'come in'. I sighed and opened the door, and walked right in. I bowed my head once I saw my mom, dad, and the council inside. "Take a sit Alex." I heard dad said. I nodded and took a seat in the long table across mom's. The council sat each on her side. "Uhm... Why am I here? I didn't hurt anyone did I?" I asked them. "No sweetie." My mom softly said. I sighed in relief. "Alex sweetheart, listen to us first okay." Lady Amara said. I nodded. "Alex, you knew your parents were once rogues before we took them in." Dad said. I nodded. "When you were three, we had analyzed your blood. Since Camille's essence was compatible to your body, we were all curious. We found out that you have an alpha blood in you." Dad told me. I looked at him. Me? Alpha? "And it’s not just any ordinary alpha blood. It came from the Golden Warrior Pack. The pack that once existed, and believed to be descendants of the lycan race." Lord Philip said. I gaped at him and then turned to my mom. "It’s true Alex. Alcione, my lycan confirmed it, that you were indeed a lycan descendant. When Chien injected wolfsbane in you, I gave you my venom and lycan essence to save you. And your body didn't rejected it. My essence and yours fused into one." She paused. "Your lycan wolf was beautiful. Your coat was white with gray color. The color itself was rare, since lycans fur only has two colors. Black for the commoners, and white for royals." She added. I just looked at her gaping. "And one more thing." Lady Amara said and I turned to her. "Your mother was a nephilim." She said. "Ugh.. What's that?" I asked. "A nephilim is an offspring of an angel and a demon." Elder Henry answered. I suddenly stood up and begun pacing back and forth. No. No. No. What does this supposed to mean?! What the hell is happening? "Alex.Calm.Down." I heard my mom exclaimed. The power in her voice made me submit. I sighed and sit back. "Sweetie you need to calm down. We only told you this to prepare you." Mom said. I looked at them. "Prepare me for what?" I asked. "You may have shifted to your lycan, but you still have a few years before the nephilim in you wakes up." Lady Amara said. "Don't worry. We'll all be here to support you, and help you along the way." Dad said. I nodded. *O*
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