Chapter 2 Family visit

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             Wyatt sighed and leaned his head on his father’s shoulder. He soaked in a minute of his father’s solace. “How-”             “Jason sent us a letter explaining everything. Why didn’t you tell us when you visited?” Tyler held his boy tightly in his arms. He could only imagine the amount of pain he had been in.               “You guys have enough to worry about with Rhea. I didn’t need to bother you over something small like this.” Wyatt said as he pulled away from his dad. He saw his Uncle Tristan and Jason walking away from them. Giving him some privacy with his father.               Tyler scoffed loudly and then furrowed his brows down to his son. “Something small like this?! There is nothing small about this. It’s okay to be crushed. That was your mate you lost Wyatt. This is a big deal. You need to tell us. You are our child too and just as important. We want to know about everything that is going on in your life. Do I need to move back here?”               Now it was Wyatt’s time to scoff. “Don’t treat me like a child dad. I am the Alpha of this pack now.”               “Then act like it. An Alpha doesn’t have to hold his feelings in. You have a support system. Use it. You can be strong for the pack but still utilize those around you. From now on, you make sure you tell me what is going on. Or I promise I will move right back into the pack house and hover over your shoulder.”               Wyatt shook his head and chuckled. “Alright dad. I get it. But remember, I’m the Alpha here not you. You’re the fairy king now.”               “Right. But I am still your father. And a father trumps you being the Alpha.” Tyler chuckled and patted his son on the shoulder. “Now, honestly. How are you doing?”               Wyatt heaved out a sigh and looked upwards. “It still stings to be honest. I’m a bit bitter over it. And I feel like. Well, I feel like there is an emptiness inside of me. Blaze has gone quiet. He rarely speaks now even when shifting he keeps his personality dormant. He is hurting too. I’m going to keep moving forward though. I’ve got the pack to worry about. And these demon wolves are keeping me busy. Eventually, I’ll have to try to find my own Luna. I don’t have the time for that now.”               Tyler looked into his son’s grey eyes. It was like looking into his own. His eyes looked a bit tired and had lost some of their shine. But he was strong. And he would get past this. “Your wolf will get better in time. So will you. Who knows, you may have a second chance mate out there.” He was proud of his son and how well he was handling being rejected. For some wolves they go mad. Hearing about the demon wolves had him a bit apprehensive though. Their leader Abaddon had been after his mate Lilly twenty years ago, and now he was after their daughter Rhea. “Tell me about these demon wolves you are having trouble with. Do you think any of them were Abaddon?”               “No, but I think they are part of his pack. I think they were checking to see if Rhea was here. But we took care of them. I think this put us on his radar though because since then demon wolves have been caught patrolling the area.” Wyatt rubbed his temple. “It’s only a matter of time before we have another run in. I upped the training sessions among the pack. We will be ready for them.”               “Just be careful. Remember Abaddon has wolfsbane venom. I’m sure he isn’t the only demon wolf with that.” Tyler was taking on his fatherly role trying to guide his son.               Wyatt chuckled. “Dad, don’t worry. I have things taken care of. Remember I am part fairy too. I found out recently that I am also immune to wolfsbane.” Wyatt looked back and saw Tristan and Jason talking seriously in the distance. He felt a weird pit in his stomach as he looked back to his dad. “How is Rhea?”               Tyler took in a breath of air and rubbed the back of his neck. “You’re not going to like hearing this.”               “What?” Wyatt’s voice came out in a low growl. What happened to his sister?               “Rhea isn’t in Elysium anymore. She is living in the west dragon kingdom.”               “WHAT?! WHY? I’m bringing her back here!” Wyatt growled angrily and glared at his father.               “Calm down. I don’t like it either. But your mother insisted on this. It is one of the safest places for her. They don’t want to give her back and… well there is another thing too. She has a mate there.” Tyler hesitated to bring the last part up knowing that Wyatt just lost his.               “Wait what? A dragon mate?!”               Tyler chuckled. “She doesn’t know it yet. They were hoping for her wolf to come out to see if she also recognizes him as her mate. You know some mates are not mutual. It happens.”               “Who is her mate?” Wyatt felt irritated at the fact of Rhea being in a strange place with dragons he did not know. It was different when she was with their parents.               “Keep this secret for now. Leviathan claims she is his mate.”               Wyatt stood there with wide eyes. His sister’s deity was her mate?! He at least knew Leviathan. Having met him often as his sister’s summon. He was also very considerate of Rhea and very protective. Thinking back on it his reactions made sense as her mate. “Is she there all alone? What about Cody?”               “Cody and Kelsie are there with her. You know Cody isn’t leaving her side. Just like Jason would never leave yours. Honestly, because Cody is there I am able to relax a bit over it. And knowing that Leviathan is with her… I know she is well protected. Still, I wish I could keep all of my kids with me. I worry about all of you.” Tyler admitted with a side grin. No matter what they were his children. They would always be his little kids.               “You don’t have to worry dad. We are doing good here. I’m taking great care of the pack too. And I’m okay… I’m going to be okay. I'm still not happy about Rhea. I want her back here where I can watch over her.”               “Don’t worry. Cody won’t let anything happen to her.” Jason said as he and Tristan walked back up to them.               “TYLER!!!” Kade ran in from the distance and collided with him. “What are you doing here?”               “Hey I thought you were going with Sam and Susan?” Jason asked, seeing the old Beta there.               “As soon as I heard Sam was going I ditched out. I don’t want to go shopping.” Kade smiled and then patted Tyler on the back hard. “It’s great to see you.”               “How is my son handling things here? Be truthful. Does he need roughed up some?” Tyler winked over at his son as he smiled at the man who was his old Beta.               “He’s doing a great job Tyler. It is really good to see you. Caleb and Cedric are back at the pack house. They will be stoked.” Kade then reached out and patted Tristan on the arm. “You taking care of our trouble makers?”               “The best I can. You know how Tyler and Lilly are though. Always a handful.” Tristan smirked over at Tyler who only chuckled in response.               “Let’s go back to the pack house. I’m hungry again anyways.” Jason shrugged.               “Me too. What are you feeding us Wyatt?” Kade asked with a big toothy grin.               “Wait. How did I get stuck cooking? We have a pack cook for that.” Wyatt chuckled as the guys all walked back to the pack house together.               “Tyler! Where is Lilly? How’s my fairy queen?” Cedric asked the moment Tyler walked into the door. While Caleb walked up and patted Tyler heavily on the pack.               “Lilly is still in Elysium and she is doing good. I’m good too by the way Cedric.” Tyler gave him a wry smile.               “Well, I can see you are good.” Cedric chuckled and shook his head. “Merida and I have decided to make the move to Elysium. Now that Renee has Sam as her mate, we feel it is time for us to make our move back to the fairy kingdom. Merida has been away from her home for so long and we know it is easy to visit. So let Lilly know we will be seeing her soon.”               “That’s great. I am sure Lilly will be thrilled to hear this news.” Tyler said excitedly.               “Rosa and I want to wait a bit longer. Susan still needs to find her mate and it doesn’t hurt to have a couple experienced past ranking wolves around just in case.” Kade winked over at Wyatt.               Wyatt respected Kade. He respected all of them. Caleb and Cedric too. He might be the Alpha, but he grew up with these men. He trusted them. And he didn’t mind listening to any advice that they may have to offer. He leaned back against the wall and smiled as he watched the older men laughing and teasing each other. It was interesting looking at the past leaders of his pack. It reminded him of his own ranking pack members.               He watched his father laughing as Tristan and Kade had an arm-wrestling match. Kade seemed to think that Tristan had lost his touch. Wyatt smirked already knowing how this match would end.               “You want to arm wrestle me Wyatt?” Jason poked at his brothers’ side as he rested his back against the wall beside him.               “Person against person or are we bringing our animals out in this?” Wyatt raised an eyebrow as he asked.               “Doesn’t matter how we do it. I’ll still be the winner.”               “Is that so?” Wyatt turned looking at his brother.               The door to the pack house suddenly opened. They all turned their attention to the dark haired, green eyed beauty who opened the door.               “Kelsie? What are you doing here?” Wyatt asked with some concern. Kelsie was his sister’s best friend. She was a kelpie, dark fairy who could shift into a water horse, who could also travel instantly through one body of water to the next.               “Kelsie?” Tyler met her halfway and Wyatt was right by his father’s side.               “The queen sent me here. She wanted me to let you know that she went to visit Rhea but she would meet you back in Elysium so not to worry.”               Tyler and Tristan both growled lowly. “She shouldn’t have left without us. What happened? Why did she go to the dragon kingdom?” Tyler sighed in irritation as his grey eyes pinned on the kelpie.               “I don’t know exactly. Rhea was so upset. She was crying. I think she had a vision. She needed her mother.” Kelsie squeezed her hands together and looked into Tyler’s eyes. “I’ve never seen Rhea that upset before.”               Wyatt’s knuckles turned white from clenching his hands. “We need to bring her back here.” He turned his head and looked at his father’s taut face.               “What do you want to do Tyler?” Tristan asked as he walked up to his side.               “Well, Lilly is already there by now. Let’s continue with our visit here. I’m sure Cody will make sure she makes it back alright.” Tyler rubbed his forehead and sighed. He wanted to race off to the dragon kingdom to be by Lilly’s side, but he came to visit with Wyatt. Wyatt needed him too. Just this once he was going to fight the urge to run to Lilly’s side.  He turned and looked at Wyatt. “Try to relax. Rhea is okay. Your mom will talk with her and get things sorted out.”               Wyatt scowled and let out a low growl. He felt a warm hand lay on his shoulder and the two sets of grey eyes stared back at each other. His father gave him a small smile and nodded his head. “I understand son. Believe me I do.”               “Kelsie why don’t you stick around for a little bit. I want to write a letter to Rhea and Cody. We were about to eat dinner too. Plus I want to talk with you. I want you to tell me about Rhea and Cody. How they are doing and how they are treated there.” Wyatt figured this was the next best thing. It was to get information from Kelsie.               “I can do that. I know Rhea and Cody would be very happy to get a letter from the both of you.”               “You and Cody still picking on each other?” Jason gave Kelsie a side smile as he watched her roll her eyes.               “He lives to infuriate me.” Kelsie snorted as she crossed her arms.               “Make yourself at home Kelsie. We will talk in a bit.” Wyatt watched Kelsie walk over and sit on the couches. Wyatt looked over at his father. “If anything seems off, anything at all, I am bringing her back here. If Rhea wants to leave, I will bring her here no matter what.”               Tyler smiled. “I know you will son.”   “Demon War: Rise of the Alpha” by JM Snap exclusively for Stary Ltd ( Dreame, Ringdom, Innovel). All rights reserved.            
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