Chapter 1 Life Goes On

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              The door to Wyatt’s room opened without a sound. Ninja footsteps made their way to the sleeping man. The sunlight from his window stretched over his torso. The man stood above him and a slow smile formed on his mouth. In an instant he was pinned to the bed. His arm was being held back and a knee was wedged into his back.               “Say it! Say it!” Jason laughed as he held Wyatt down as he struggled. His dear little brother slept too soundly.               “Damnit Jason… get the hell off of me.” Wyatt growled as he battled against his older brother.               “Say it.” Jason grinned.               “Ugh, FINE! You are the best guardian in the world. There? Happy?” Wyatt shoved Jason in irritation the moment he removed himself off of him.               It had been weeks since he was rejected. Him and Jason made a trip to the fairy kingdom, Elysium, in order to visit his family. He was worried about Rhea and Cody. He was sure it was hard for them to adjust as well. Cody seemed to be okay, but Rhea had put on a front. She always thought she was good at hiding things, but they all knew. Rhea couldn’t hide her feelings from him. He wished he could bring her back to the pack. He would protect her. But his parents insisted it was for the best.               Jason has been like a hovering mother after the rejection. He has been extra protective over him. Still, he wasn’t too good for his childish games.               “Did I miss rumpus time?” Sam grinned as he walked into the door.               Sam was Wyatt’s Beta. He was the son of the former Beta Kade and his wife Rosa (Who was also a fairy). He also had a younger sister named Susan. Sam was much like his father Kade. They liked to joke around but when it came down to fighting, he was a fierce warrior. More than that though. He was not just Wyatt’s Beta… he was his best friend.               Wyatt sat up and kicked at Jason. “You’re always rough on me. You never tackle Rhea.” Wyatt snorted and Jason laughed.               “Awe is the big bad Alpha getting his butt handed to him?” Jason smirked and hopped up from the bed.               “You want to see if this Alpha gets his butt handed to him?” Wyatt jabbed back at Jason.               “Little wolf. Try as you might you will never be on par with your guardian. Nope. Big bro here will hand it to ya. You want to actually win? Then you better wrestle with Sam boy here.” Jason said as he slapped Sam on the back.               “How is that fair? Why should I be his punching bag?” Sam snorted and then gave a wry grin towards Jason. “This wooly bear talks a big game until he gets beat up on by Cody.”               Jason snorted. “Who gets beat up on? It’s even. Sometimes I win… sometimes he wins. I still think he cheats though.”               Wyatt grinned. “I’m sure he cheats Jase. After all, in order to beat YOU he must cheat right?”               Jason chuckled and turned to look at the two wolves. “I’ll take both of you on. I’ll prove to you just how strong a guardian is.”               Wyatt and Sam ignored Jason’s challenge and walked out of the room. They knew they were being goaded into a losing situation. They couldn’t beat him in a match. If they could, then there wouldn’t be any need for guardians. Guardians were the protectors of the fairy kingdom. There was a guardian in Elysium and then each fairy princess had their own guardian. Wyatt was the first fairy prince ever, so he was the first prince who has had a guardian. It didn’t mean anything being the fairy prince though. Unlike with other monarchs it was the females that held power in Elysium. Which worked out since Wyatt was the Alpha of the Diamond pack.               One day though… he would move to Elysium to live out the rest of his life in peace. A peace that would only come after they defeated the demons. There was a lot on the young Alpha’s mind these days. There was a prophecy of an impending war with the demons. One that would take the strength of the packs and the fairies to even come close to standing against them. He did have the surrounding packs on board. The Silver moon pack, which belonged to his Uncle Aaron and soon his son Ace and the Ashton pack had all united together. He would be rallying all the nearby packs for the upcoming war.               Lately, there has been a lot of unease in the woods. There have been sightings of demon wolves that have been coming close to their territory. They even had a run in with them once, but it was an easy victory on their end. They were lucky to not suffer any casualties. This has kept Wyatt occupied and also those close to him… it helped to take his mind off of the rejection. It still stung but he was trying to move on from it. Finding someone to be his Luna was on the back burner for now. Not everyone got second chance mates, so he was going to have to find someone eventually on his own.               Wyatt walked down the stairs of the pack house and towards the kitchen. Jason and Sam were trailing right behind him. Food was always a top priority with their animal appetites.               “Leave any food for us?” Wyatt chuckled as he pulled out his chair sitting at the table. Already seated was Winston, his Gamma, and Adam, his Delta. They were also his cousins. Their mother, Avery, was their father’s cousin. Her and her mate Caleb had two sons back-to-back (Winston first and then Adam). There was only one year between the two of them. They were a couple of goofballs. Great to have around for entertainment and great to have around in a tough situation. In this sense Wyatt was lucky. He grew up here. This was his home. He was adored by his pack and was surrounded by his family and friends.               Still a few key players were missing. His parents, Rhea, Cody (his brother and Rhea’s guardian) and his Uncle Tristan (who was his mother’s guardian). He wished he could visit more but being the Alpha has kept him busy. Rhea was unable to visit him so if he wanted to see them, he would need to go to her.               “Adam did you eat all the bacon again?” Sam growled as he stared at the empty plate.               “You guys take too long. What am I supposed to do? It was just laying there like the strip tease that it is. Eat me Adam. Crunch on me Adam. I promise I’ll taste good Adam. Mmmm that’s right Adam. The slutty knew what it was doing. How could I resist?” Adam grinned widely.               “He left the sausage so I’m good.” Jason said as he staked several on his plate.               “Winston, today I would like you to take a round out around our territory. Check for signs of the demon wolves and take note of their movements.” Wyatt said as he poked at his eggs.               “Adam, you’re on pack training today. I want you to step it up some. We need to be ready for anything that is coming. The Diamond pack has a reputation to uphold and I want to keep it fearsome.” Wyatt barked out another order as he glanced up to see the affirmative nods.               “Hi guys.” Susan (Sam’s sister) walked in and smiled. Her blonde hair swirled behind her and her blue eyes shined as she looked at the guys. Her eyes wandered over everyone but stopped on Wyatt. She had a minor crush on her Alpha. They all grew up together as kids and it was like one big family. But she wasn’t related to Wyatt and she was part fairy too. They made sense together in her opinion.  His sun kissed skin…light grey eyes and ebony hair. Then his perfectly shaped physique. He was about 6’2 with beautiful muscular arms and a toned body. Yeah… she was definitely crushing on him.               “Hey Sues.” Sam bit into his toast, not sparing her another glance.               “Perfect timing Sue Sue. I just finished eating and I could use dessert.” Adam grinned as he looked the girl over. Susan was seventeen years old and hadn’t gotten her wolf yet. She was adorable. Though everyone knew who she had eyes for… it didn’t stop him from hoping for her.               Sam growled. “She’s my sister Adam….”               “What? You have a sister complex?” Adam teased back.               “Wyatt, they're gonna start again…” Winston rolled his eyes. His brother and Sam were always bumping chests.               Jason growled lowly. “Don’t disturb my breakfast.”               The two men immediately settled down. Jason’s position was such that it was respected by all. He had grown up with all the boys and they knew his strengths well. He had their respect and admiration.               “Hey Sue, are you going out today?” Wyatt asked, making small conversation. He knew how Sue felt. He just didn’t feel the same way. Honestly… the whole thing with his mate not waiting for him made him a bit bitter. He was irritated seeing people dating and interested in others before looking for their mate. It was how he lost his. She didn’t wait for him. She didn’t even give him time to find her. Okay… he was more sour than he thought over it.               “Yes, I was going to go out with Renee.” Sue said and stuck her tongue out at Sam. Renee was the daughter of Cedric (half werewolf half fairy) and Merida (who was a selkie part of the fairy realm). Renee was also Sam’s mate. They were all surprised when it happened. The moment her wolf came forward it happened so fast. Sam immediately claimed her and had been very possessive over the cute brunette.               “I don’t want her to leave the pack territory without me. So, change your plans.” Sam growled out and glared at his sister.               Susan scoffed. “That’s not fair Sam. We have been planning on going out. Besides dad and mom are coming too so it's fine.”               “If Kade is going there is nothing to worry about Sam.” Wyatt said with a smile. Kade might have stepped down as the Beta but he was still as tough as they come.               Sam sighed defeated. “Fine… but don’t stay out long.”               “Sam why don’t you go with them? I have Jason with me. Go ahead and go out for the day.” Wyatt shrugged. There was no reason he couldn’t join them. Especially with him being so protective over his mate.               “Really? It isn’t a problem?” Sam asked with a bit more excitement.               “No, it’s not a problem. Go.” Wyatt nodded his head towards the door and Sam jumped up with a grin.               “Thanks Alpha.” Sam jabbed playfully. Wyatt didn’t like it when his close friends called him Alpha. He felt it was less personal. So of course, they had to tease him with this now.   __               Wyatt and Jason were walking together through the territory. Wyatt couldn’t help but wonder how life would have been right now if his mate h accepted him. He would have probably been the lovesick puppy that doted on her constantly. He had a deep lonely feeling inside of him. A piece of him was missing. Blaze had been very quiet since that day. He rarely spoke. He was depressed and mourning his mate.               “Cheer up buttercup. You still got me.” Jason elbowed Wyatt and grinned down at him.  “Just don’t ask me to warm your bed or anything. Other then that I am here for you.”               Wyatt rolled his eyes at Jason and then noticed a shadow above them. He glanced up to see two hippogryph’s lower themselves on them.               “No s**t its dad and Uncle Tristan.” Jason yelled happily and slapped Wyatt on the back.               Wyatt watched as his father hopped off and walked over towards him. He could see there was something off in his eyes.               “Dad, what are you doing here?” Wyatt asked. His father, Tyler, walked up to him and pulled him into a big hug.               “I’m here son. I’m here.” Tyler said gently and patted Wyatt’s back. - “ Demon War: Rise of the Alpha  ” by JM Snap exclusively for Stary Ltd ( Dreame, Ringdom, Innovel). All rights reserved.             
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