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-Demon War: Rise of the Alpha-              Do you smell that? What is that smell? Wyatt asked his wolf. As he excitedly began to look around for the source.             Mate… That’s the smell of our mate. Hurry… we must find her. Blaze howled in Wyatt’s head as he bounced around in excitement.               Wyatt trailed back and left the group he was with. They were at a pack banquet where several packs had gathered. He began to frantically follow the scent. It was a sweet scent that pulled him in. It was such an intense feeling he had in his chest. It was like his void was immediately being filled as he drew closer to the scent of his mate.               He walked outside and saw the back of a brunette girl looking off in the distance. She was standing near a trickling fountain canvassed under the night stars. He saw her body immediately tense up as she caught his scent. She must have recognized the scent of her mate.               “I’m sorry…” The girls soft angelic voice whispered out.               He looked at her confused. She tilted her head to the side to look at him. Her dark brown eyes had small dabs of liquids in them. He wanted to reach out and hold her in his arms. But as she turned to face him completely, he froze. His eyes widen as his heart sank. A deep hollow feeling tossed in his stomach. Blaze was whimpering in his head. I still want her… Wyatt thought and looked at her hopefully.               “I’m so sorry… I know it isn’t supposed to be this way.” The girl sniffled softly as a glistening wet drop trickled down her face.               Wyatt wasn’t sure what he should say. His instincts were telling him to take the girl in his arms and claim what was rightfully his. There was something about her eyes that was telling him to stay away. He glanced down towards her round harden stomach that was heavy with child.               “Do you know who I am?” Wyatt asked quietly.               She nodded her head. “I know. I knew you were my mate as soon as you got out of the car. I knew you would find me… so I came out here and waited so we could talk. As you can see… I didn’t wait for you.” Her voice barely whispered out.               “What if I said that I didn’t care? That I still wanted you?” Wyatt watched her eyes and held his breath. How could he not want her? She was the person that had been made for him. She was born to be his.               She shook her head and gave him a soft smile. “I’m still with him.” She lightly rubbed her stomach. “I’ve been marked by him and have chosen to be with him.”               Wyatt growled lowly. Someone else had claimed what was his. Blaze was furious as well. We will kill the wolf and then take our mate! Blaze angrily barked. “What about his mate?”               “She was human and died in a car accident. We just sort of happened. I had a crush on him all through school and I was there for him when he was hurting over his mate. I’m sorry. I want to be with him.” She looked at him apologetically. It was more painful then she could have imagined. She never knew how strong the mate pull was.               Wyatt sighed and looked up at the sky. He couldn’t believe this. How could fate be so cruel. Just when he thought he had a chance at happiness he was going to be rejected. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the girl. He wouldn’t force her. She was carrying another wolf’s pup.               She straightened herself up and the streams continued to pour from her eyes. “I, Kristy Milton, daughter of Ronald Milton, Gamma of the Rocket pack, reject you Alpha Wyatt Locke, son of Tyler Locke, of the Diamond pack as my mate.”               The instant pain was gut wrenching. The feeling was nauseating. He felt like he was being thrown spiraling downwards into darkness. But he would not flinch from the rejection. He stood tall and firm as he looked the girl in the eyes. “I, Alpha Wyatt Locke, son of the previous Alpha Tyler Locke of the Diamond pack, reject you Kristy Milton, daughter of Ronald Milton, as my mate.”               With that, the bond between them was severed. The girl collapsed on the ground and a young man immediately ran to her from the building behind them. He wrapped his arms around the girl. The girl that was supposed to be Wyatts’.               Wyatt turned and walked away. He couldn’t show them how affected he was by everything. It hurt, bad. This girl was supposed to be his comfort. She was supposed to be the one who stood by his side. Instead, she brought him such pain and anguish that he was finding it hard to breathe.  Blaze howled in agony and whimpered into the silence of Wyatt’s subconsciousness.  He wanted to be alone.               He walked out of sight and then ran deep into the woods. He leaned his arm against a tree and laid his head on it. Alone… He was lonely. In order to protect his twin sister his parents left taking her with them. His parents were also the king and queen of the fairies. Demons were after his twin sister, Rhea, who was the fairy princess. In order to protect her they went to the fairy kingdom. Along with them they took his brother Cody too. He had lost a big chunk of his family.               His mate was supposed to be the person who helped fill the void. Instead, she created a larger one. He was an Alpha who lost his mate. A silent tear slid down his cheek.               “Wyatt…” A deep gentle voice called out behind him. He kept his head buried in his arm. He recognized the voice. It was the voice of his other brother and guardian Jason. Jason was technically his adopted brother. He was not a werewolf but a werebear just like his twin brother Cody.               “She rejected me.” Wyatt’s dry voice croaked out. “She… She didn’t want me Jason. Why didn’t she want me…” His voice broke off pitifully. “Why didn’t she WAIT FOR ME?” He growled out as his emotions ran more freely.               Jason walked up to Wyatt. His brother was hurting, and he was hurting for him. They were both strong men, Wyatt was an Alpha, but right now he saw his little brother hurting. His strong arms wrapped around Wyatt and he held him tight.               “I’m here Wyatt. It’s okay. Just let it out. I’m sorry. I wish I could take this pain away from you.” Jason felt his brother’s arms begin to shake. He felt his insides crush bitterly at his brother’s agony. He was supposed to protect him… but how could he from this?             The cold night air swirled around them as Jason patted his brothers back. He stood there holding Wyatt as they both cried. He wept for the hurt his brother was feeling. Wyatt was precious to him. He wanted to rip the she-wolf that hurt him apart, along with her mate. How could she reject Wyatt? Why couldn’t she have waited for him?               Jason looked up at the moon that was illuminating in the sky above them. How could you do this to him? How could you have paired him up with a mate like that?                        “It wasn’t supposed to be this way Jason… It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” Wyatt tried to stifle his sobs. The pain of being rejected and unwanted was tearing him up inside. He needed this moment to let out what had happened to him. Tomorrow would be another day. He would hold his head high as the Alpha of the Diamond Pack. He would be the strong leader that they needed him to be. Right now? Right now, he felt like a little boy who had been shattered. A little boy who needed his family. At least he had Jason. Jason was the one person who would never leave him. _____             Alone… Deserted… Neglected…Unwanted…               A dangerous creature. An existence that shouldn’t be. Powerful… Unknown. And thus feared.               She stared up towards the night sky. Was this all there would ever be to her existence? How long had she actually welcomed death? No one knew the depths of her loneliness. She could see the cloud from her breath as she breathed. The night air embraced her, but she didn’t shiver from it. She was used to being cold and alone. Even the crickets and tree frogs are quiet around her tonight.               As she gazed upward her sight fell upon the moon. The moon was shining brightly. Loved and adored. The precious gem in the sky. It was as if it mocked her. She was the abomination on the earth.             There was only one thing she was good for... killing. Which is why she is here now.  She was only really alive when she was fighting. She looked over the demons in the area. They were preparing for war.               She scoffed. What did it matter? We were all born to die anyways.  A war will just help expedite the trip.  Why not go to war? Why not fight? At least then she would feel like she was living. And if she fell in battle she died while feeling alive. It wouldn’t hurt her to watch the world burn… this world had turned its back on her anyways. There was no such thing as a happy ending… there were only endings. As she watched the demons begin to move out and deeper into the forest, she took in a silent breath rising to her feet.  A small smile spread over her face... time to feel alive. “Demon War: Rise of the Alpha” by JM Snap exclusively for Stary Ltd ( Dreame, Ringdom, Innovel). All rights reserved.   - - READERS: Please vote for my books this August. Top 5 books get published and Dr Luna is in the top 20. You can vote up to 5 times per book.  ^_^ Thank you for your support. Click on the book, tap the screen and select the present near the bottom to vote. (You must update the app first for the present icon to show up.) Demon War: Rise of the Alpha, The Fairy's Forbidden Mate, Who is my Husband and Crimson Princess and her Fated Lover are all contending for top 100. Thank you for your support and votes!
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